Friday, December 27, 2013

A bit of vinegar wisdom from King Solomon


Well, here it is, the final Vinegar Friday of the year. I saw my five-year-old granddaughter today and out of the blue she asked me, "Green Grandma, is this a vinegar Friday?" I just cracked up!

I had no idea what I was going to blog about today, but as I was reading my Bible this morning, the answer came to me from a verse in Proverbs:

"Like vinegar to the teeth, and smoke to the eyes, so are the lazy to their employers." -- Proverbs 10:26

That's it! I needed to remind you if you are taking vinegar for health reasons or for weight loss, as I've suggested many times in the past few years, remember to rinse your mouth out with water afterwards so the vinegar does not eat away at your tooth enamel. Even Solomon understood that this could happen!

Thank you for your support of vinegar Fridays this year. And if you haven't purchased it yet, consider buying a copy of my book to keep my vinegar tips close at hand all year long (and not just on Fridays!). 

Keeping it green with vinegar,

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