Monday, December 23, 2013

Better service, flexible payment plans

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For those of you in the community who live in New York or New Jersey:

A home is a major investment for all homeowners and heating that investment in the winter months is essential to maintain the integrity of the home. There are continuing efforts to improve the product and the strategic pricing to keep the energy at affordable and reasonable prices.

Energy companies often offer their customers flexible payment plans to make the financial management of a homeowners energy needs as painless as possible. Energy companies that are on the forefront of energy cost management will serve the customer with greater satisfaction.

Energy customers, such as Ohio natural gas customers are on board for a variety of contract options that will help them save money. A variable energy contract will save the customer money, but will maximize customer service and product delivery. A floating price that fluctuates with the market will offer customers the greatest saving potential.

A variable plus contract will help customers take advantage of low current pricing, but with greater control over long term costs. The variable plus contract will allow customers to lock in one price for the heating season and are assured of pricing stability.

A hybrid contract allows customers to pick and choose the best elements from all available plans to meet their specific energy needs and individualize their energy pricing solutions.

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