Thursday, October 17, 2013

Seeds were planted five years ago today

October 17, 2008 was a momentous day. I labored through it with my daughter, Jessica, as she struggled through hours and hours until we heard that miraculous first cry -- my first grandchild was born. Let me tell you, I was exhausted! And sore. You see, every time my daughter pushed, I held on to her hand and right foot and I pushed along with her. I seriously think I did some internal damage that day! 

As a mother, I just wanted to take away some of the pain. I'm not sure what her husband was feeling as he coached her across the bed from me, but I imagine he wanted to take on some of the pain as well. 

I must admit, I didn't become an "instant grandmother" in my heart. Watching my daughter go through labor was one of the worst things I've experienced. I hurt for her and holding that newborn baby didn't take away the pain for me. 

I felt like a freak. Every other grandma I knew instantly bonded with their grandbabies; especially those who were present for their births. And then there was my husband who fell in love with this child the second he received her into his arms. 

Since my daughter had to return to work after six weeks to keep her benefits, I had the privilege of taking care of my granddaughter three to four days a week for the first year. During that time, the love grew between Laura and me that there is no longer any question of my ability to bond with her as a grandmother. She and I are tight.

So today, on her fifth birthday, I celebrate this precious child. She is a gift to our family and she is the reason Green Grandma exists. Five years ago today, the seeds were planted for this blog to sprout, blossom, and grow right alongside the lovely little Lady Laura, who is becoming more and more beautiful with each passing year.

Happy birthday, Laura! I love you more than the color orange.


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