Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I-522 -- It's not just about Washington State

Voting season is upon us and in Washington State, voters have an opportunity to make a difference when it comes to GMO labeling. So I'm asking you to read this post and then share it with anyone you know who lives in Washington. It is essential we get the message out to VOTE YES ON I-522, the GMO labeling initiative!

Let's face it, the big name corporations out there do not want labeling and they are pouring millions of dollars into the campaign to shoot down I-522. It's all about their profit, folks, and they have to be stopped. We, as consumers, have the right to know what is in our food. Period. If GMOs are as safe as they claim, why are companies like Monsanto and DuPont spending so much money to defeat this initiative ($4.85 million and $3.4 respectively million as of September 18th)? I don't know about you, but this makes my blood boil! Think about how many hungry people in the world could be fed with that kind of money. Instead, it's being used to keep Americans in the dark as to what poisons they are putting into their bodies. Inexcusable!

If I-522 passes, Washington State will be the first state in the U.S. to require labeling of GMOs. Californians lost their own initiative last year by a mere 6% after the huge multinational chemical and junk food companies spent a fortune of misleading ads. Come on, Washington, don't let these same companies buy this election. It's time consumers stood up for themselves and let their voices be heard!

If you care about the right to know what is in your food, or you are concerned about the impacts of GMOs on people and the environment, I urge you to step up to the plate and help! Spread the word and to let people in Washington State know that I-522 is for their good. The big corporations have to be stopped and only the voters can make that happen.

If you are a blogger, I urge you to blog about this. You don't need to be an expert (I'm  not), nor do you need to live in Washington. You simply need to care about what you eat and about people's health.


  1. Everyone has the right to know what is in the food they eat. American companies already label the GMO food they export to 64 other countries. We deserve to know, too.
  2. Labeling GMOs is the necessary first step in the fight for control over our food system. Over 80% of processed food contains GMOs, and no GMO fish, apples and corn are coming to the market.
  3. Farmers, ranchers, and businesses from Washington support I-522; 99% of the opposition is funded by out-of-state corporations.
  4. Farming GMO crops uses more pesticides than conventional crops, contaminate our environment and people who live near agriculture.
  5. Contrary to industry claims, labeling GMOs does not impact the price of food. This is used simply as a scare tactic.
So, what will the Label GMO initiative do?

  • Give Washington shoppers information about what is in their food.
  • Require labeling of genetically engineered foods and processed foods with genetically engineered ingredients. This would include GE Salmon and GMO apples if approved by the FDA, and other genetically engineered foods, including corn or soy, or foods with genetically engineered ingredients like chips, cold cereals, soft drinks, and candy. 
  • Set a precedent for the rest of the country.
 Click here to find out more about this Vote Yes on I-522 blogging campaign?

I-522. Don't let money talk. It's time for the people to shout the loudest!

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  1. "What poisons they're putting in our bodies." The truth is that GMOs are COMPLETELY natural. A GMO is a single protein from one living organism put into another living thing to make it more immune to diseases and even pests. Honey bees make GMOs when they pollinate. We become GMOs when we get vaccinations.
    "Labeling GMOs does not impact the price of food." In reality, the cost of this would come in the form of taxes: our money would go to hiring someone to verify that there has been no cross contamination between GMO and non-GMO foods. No cross contamination... that's another part of the initiative: no cross contamination is allowed. This is the part that would hurt farmers. They would be required to treat GMOs as peanut allergies and purchase all new equipment to handle them.
    "Give Washington shoppers information about what is in there food." If the information you want to listen to is incorrect. Here is where the misleading comes in: I-522 would require foods to be labeled even without containing the protein mentioned above. it makes absolutely no sense that sugar from a sugar beat should be labeled GMO when though the plant from which the sugar beat came was genetically altered, the protein which it contained was not transmitted to the sugar itself, as sugar has no protein.
    As you can see GMOs have years and thousands of hours of scientific research behind them, whereas your recent bout of hysteria is a display of naivety that boggles the mind, and science trumps hysteria.

    By Jessica Brockmeyer, age 11. Granddaughter of Dr. R. James cook, former dean of agriculture at WSU, member of the national academy of sciences and recipient of the 2011 wolf award.

    1. Jessica, while I respect your opinion, I completely disagree. Research continues to reveal how much damage GMOs have done, not only to our bodies, but to the environment as well. I don't put vaccinations in my body, as you alluded to, and want to have the choice whether or not to consume GMOs. As long as the government continues to hide the truth from us, my health is at their mercy.

      At 11 years old, Jessica, you have a lot to learn and I am trying my best to ensure a safer future for you and the rest of your generation.


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