Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Favorite Hyland's Summertime Memories

Disclaimer: I am a Hylands Homeopathy Ambassador and receive various products and gift cards from Hyland's and promotional partners at no cost to me. All views and opinions expressed on this blog post and corresponding social network mentions are my own and are not to be interpreted as medical advice.

I've been reminiscing a lot lately. My childhood home is up for sale in Manheim, PA and knowing I will have to part with it has surfaced a lot of memories for me. Most of my memories involve summertime fun with with my best friend, Dawn, or my cousin, Kelly.

One of the things I loved to do as a child was ride my bike to the Manheim Community Pool where I would spend endless afternoons and evenings diving and swimming and having fun with my friends. I also was involved with morning activities there, like water ballet. I loved learning the graceful underwater moves. But I had a problem -- a problem that has plagued me my entire life: foot and leg cramps. I used to fear being in the middle of a routine with my long skinny leg extended high into the air with perfectly pointed toes, only to have those said toes cramp up on me and ruin the routine. 

Later, in my days in musical theater, the same fears would surface. What if my foot or leg cramps up?

Now, in my 50s, I still struggle with the same issues, although not while extending my legs high into the air in a water ballet routine (scary thought!). Now the cramping usually occurs in the middle of the night while I'm enjoying an escape into dreamland. BAM! All of a sudden, I'm out of bed and moaning quietly in pain. That's why I am eternally grateful I discovered Hyland's Leg Cramp formula quite a few years ago. I do not go anywhere overnight without those wonderful little tablets! I keep a bottle bedside so all I have to do is reach out for them in the dark and pop three or four under my tongue. Within a couple of minutes, the cramps usually subside.

I've recently started taking the leg cramp pills that you swallow as well. When I started running low on the other tablets, I decided to take some of the pills before I went to bed. So far, that has worked to bypass the cramps altogether. How awesome is that?!

There are still occasions, usually after I've been in high-heeled sandals for way too long, where the cramps do not subside easily. That's when I'll reach for the Hyland's Leg Cramps Ointment and get a double dose of Hyland's goodness. 

And headaches? Forget about it. With Hyland's Migraine formula, they are a thing of the past. 

Ahhh, painfree summer nights. That's what I'm talking about!

What about you? Have you ever turned to Hyland's to help you enjoy your summers more? If so, Hyland's would love for you to share your story! If you head over to their Facebook page, you can submit your favorite Hyland's Summertime Memory. You simply fill out the comment box with no more than 200 characters, including spaces (hey, that's 60 characters more than a tweet!), about how a Hyland's product helped you and/or your family enjoy summer more. For example, tell about how Hyland's Bug Bite Ointment helped soothe your summertime bug bites so you could better enjoy your camping trip. 

When you enter, make sure you fill out the field that lets them know Green Grandma sent you (pretty please). If enough of you do that, I will be in the running for some great rewards (like VISA gift cards).

Hyland's will choose 20 random summertime stories to feature on their new Hyland's Favorite Summertime Memories video. Participants will be selected at random as long as they adhere to the contest rules and submit a clear and legible summertime memory of how a Hyland's product helped enhance their summertime fun.

Everyone who is randomly chosen for the video will receive a Hyland's summertime survival package featuring some of Hyland's products geared to make summer more enjoyable.

The Summertime Survival Package Includes:

  • Hyland's Leg Cramps Ointment ($8.59)
  • Restful Legs ($7.69)
  • Migraine Headache ($8.19)
  • Backache with Arnica ($10.49)
  • Bug Bite Ointment ($8.19)
  • Bumps 'n Bruises ($8.29)
  • Hyland's Drawstring Backpack ($10)

One random Grand Prize winner will receive a $200 VISA Gift Card to use for their favorite summertime activities.

The contest runs through July 12, 2013 and the video showcasing the winners will launch on July 15, 2013. 

How much fun is this?!

Can't wait to see some of your stories featured on the video,

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