Friday, June 14, 2013

A yummy Vinegar Friday


Cooking out this weekend? While I know a lot of you are vegans or vegetarians, I am not. I really enjoy a good steak now and then. So, if you don't eat meat, skip over the steak part, and move on to the mushrooms. Both were absolutely delicious.

Last weekend, I was in the mood for steak. So I ran to the store and bought a couple of the cheaper chuck steaks (you know, the ones with all the unhealthy fat). I looked at the organic grass fed beef, and the price tag nearly scared my appetite away. Since I don't eat steak often, I bought the less expensive conventional beef and tried to ignore the hormones, antibiotics, and GMO feed that was most likely present (now I'm losing my appetite again). See, even Green Grandma isn't a purist. Honestly, I can't afford to be. Besides, I thought about how often I've eaten steaks in restaurants, and let's face it, they're probably not the good stuff either.

My daughter, Bethany, bought me this wonderful balsamic glaze for Mother's Day. It's called La Prima Glassa Balsamic Blaze Tartufo. Let me tell you... this stuff is delicious!

For the steaks, I just brushed them with the glaze and let them suck in the goodness for a couple of hours. Then my husband threw them on the grill until they were done to our liking (medium rare). His review? "This is the best steak I've ever had." While others have rivaled it, I'd have to come close to agreeing.

While he was tending to the steaks, I was sauteing fresh cut mushrooms in butter and a couple of teaspoons of the glaze. Yeah, they were that good.

I think the next thing we'll try is thick sliced sweet onions (Mayan or Vidalia) brushed with glaze and grilled. And I'm thinking they're going to be mighty good. 

So keep your eyes peeled for Blaze or Google it to find out where you can purchase this bottle of taste bud heaven. If all else fails, you can buy it from It's worth the effort because it really is that good.

Keeping it green and delicious with vinegar,


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