Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday's Truths, Tidbits and Trivia

Do you ever find you are too busy to even think straight? That's how I'm feeling lately. Too many projects all demanding my attention. Too many clients thinking they're the only ones. Something has to give. Today, I think it will be the blog. 

I had some lovely posts already this week... on the need for rest, on aging, and then the review and giveaway yesterday for the Exergen Temporal Scanner. Check out the other days, if you haven't already done so. Enter to win the Scanner. Sit for a few minutes and listen to the story Bette Midler tells, and then the sentimental song she sings. 

I still remember crying through her song on the final episode of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He was my favorite, and spent many a late night entertaining me after my husband died in 1989. I miss Johnny. His last show aired on my 35th birthday, which basically ruined the day for me. And here's a bit of trivia... his widow grew up 1/2 mile from where I live now here in Pittsburgh. Last I heard, her parents still live there. I delivered a floral arrangement to them once, after taking the order over the phone from Alexis herself. Then I arranged the flowers and offered to deliver them on my way home from work. I was such a diehard fan of Johnny's after all. I always hoped I would see him in the neighborhood, but his visits to Alexis' family home were well-kept secrets. 

So, there you have it on this Thursday. Some truths, tidbits and trivia! Enjoy your day, and don't forget to check out Vinegar Friday tomorrow. 

Oh, and, what the heck, here's another delightful bit of Bette Midler nostalgia (in the video below). And a funny bit of Bette Midler trivia. My husband was sitting in a bar/restaurant in Wexford, PA several years ago when a woman who resembled Bette walked past his booth. 

"Excuse me," he said, "but has anyone ever told you you look like Bette Midler?"

A sweet smile crossed her face. "I am Bette Midler," she said coyly.

"Sure you are," Bill countered, "and I'm Charlton Heston."

She tried to convince him, but he didn't really buy it. That is, not until he met me later that night after Christmas shopping.

As we sat in a different restaurant, the singer's raspy voice filled the air.

"Some say love, it is a river..."

"Oh, this is weird," I said. "Listen. Bette Midler's singing. Did you hear that she was in Wexford today?"

I watched as Bill swallowed. He swallowed hard.


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