Friday, October 19, 2012

The vinegar lady wins a basket of vinegar!


Wow, Vinegar Fridays come up quickly these days! I mean, seriously! Where does the time go?

Last weekend was rather special. On Saturday afternoon, my husband and I attended our friend, Colonel Daryl Hartman's, retirement ceremony at the 911 Air Force Base here in Pittsburgh. It was an impressive and moving ceremony. Colonel Hartman had an amazing and distinguished career. He spoke about his devotion to his country, his family and to his God. We felt honored to be included. 

We left the Air Force Base and headed back to North Hills to attend a fundraising benefit for Denise's People. Denise was the sister of another friend of ours, and we were privileged to get to know her through her battle with brain cancer. A battle she eventually lost, but not without a valiant fight.

Following her death nearly 3 years ago, her mother started Denise's People, a non-profit organization with the tagline, "Joining forces to cure brain tumors." Denise's mom is determined to do just that. So she hosts fundraisers, like the one we attended on Saturday night -- The Grey Ribbon Affair.

So... what does all of this have to do with vinegar?!

Good question. And I have a pretty nifty answer for you.

You see, there was a Chinese auction benefiting the cause. We purchased 3 tickets for $10. There was a certain basket I really wanted to win. And guess what? I won it. It was a basket full of related items, including organic olive oils, spices, a bottle of wine and... 3 bottles of balsamic vinegars! The vinegar lady won the vinegar basket! How cool is that?! 

So this week, we've been playing with D'Avolio vinegars and oils. I love the 18 year old balsamic in particular. And the oils are wonderful mixed with the spices and poured into the little bread dipping plates (also part of the prize). Problem is, I've been eating much too much bread this week. It's just hard to resist. 

Anyway, I just wanted to share this lovely news with you. While we were helping a cause, we were rewarded with a basket valued at well over $150! 

You know how much I love giving away stuff here on the blog. But I admit, I love winning stuff as well. 

Enjoy your Vinegar Friday. I know I'm going to enjoy mine!

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