Monday, May 28, 2012

A thought-provoking Sabbath

It was so good to return to some normalcy on the Sabbath after a few weeks of ... well, not doing the normal Sunday things. Like going to church. I hadn't been to church in three weeks and really missed the time of worship as well as my church family! I've also missed the first three parts of a thought-provoking sermon series on the story of our lives, based on the topic of a Donald Miller (Blue Like Jazz) conference our minister, Tom Fodi, recently attended in Portland, Oregon. As a writer, I'm all about the story, so I really love that he's preaching this series. Yesterday's focus on conflict and stress, and how important they are in creating a story of interest, was well done, to say the least. It seems we're all looking for stress-free, peaceful lives, but when you think about it, how does a life like that serve to create change in the world around us? If our focus is to live peacefully, our focus is inward and not about the outward big picture. Don't you think?

Of course, my life would be more serene if I didn't care about getting the word out there about the evils of Monsanto and the other corporate giants who are producing products harmful to us. If I shut up about  GMOs, BPA and other toxins, I could retreat into a complacent coma and affect zero change in the world around me. But at least I'd be happy, right? Folks, I think we have it all backwards. That is my problem with religions focusing on inner peace and revolving around self. Christianity is revolutionary and involves serving and loving and creating change in the world. Of course, there are many who have hidden behind the shield of Christianity and created havoc with hatred and self-righteousness, judgmental spirits. I shudder when I hear about the paths of destruction left behind by Christians on their high horses.

Christianity was never meant to be a religion, folks. It was supposed to be all about relationship. Relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Relationship with each other. Relationship with those who think alike ... and those who don't. It's about love, and for those of you who have been hurt any of us who represent Christ, I truly apologize. Sometimes we are misguided. We misinterpret what the Bible says. We seek self instead of selflessness. We deliver judgment rather than grace.

Wow. This isn't where I meant to go with today's reflection on my Sabbath Experience. But maybe it is exactly where I was supposed to go. Tomorrow, I'll share my thoughts on last evening's date night with my husband. Dinner and a movie ... a movie that had a profound impact on me and is changing the way I look at things ... at least a little bit.

To my American friends, have a safe and happy Memorial Day. And to all of you in other countries, may freedom reign where you are!



  1. I can only say that I agree that Christianity is about relationship.

    And, it is about being uncomfortable until He comes again. This is why Jesus is radical. We are supposed to really, really love!

  2. And sometimes, that's really, really hard, isn't it?

  3. Great little post here. Our denomination (Reformed Presbyterian, associated with Geneva College) is one of the few left that strives to keep the Sabbath, and when I first joined in the early '80s, it was a real struggle to take this commandment seriously (even though it's a *commandment*!). But once something clicked, it got easier, and now I can honestly say I end up looking forward to jumping into a new work week on Monday because I've made a serious effort to do no work on Sunday (except for acts of necessity and mercy).

    So very refreshing to meet another Sabbatarian, and how sad that today's church finds it a throwaway concept.

    FWIW, your veering off-topic was well timed. I'm struggling with interactions with many of my non-Christian friends, and I find it an almost impossible fine line between not offending them with my attitude and being faithful to the gospel.

    I think our aim should be that, if they are going to be offended, to let the GOSPEL itself offend them and not WE ourselves.

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Linda. The Sabbath Experiment has literally changed my life. I've been writing about it for 20 months now, and I don't know if I've influenced anyone else to try it. But it's one of my many passions. So I'll keep on letting people know about it.

  4. Came here looking for advice on vinegar and mosquitos . .came away with something much more valuable . Thank you !

    1. I'm so glad you found this post to be helpful. I hope you'll stick around!


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