Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Review It Wednesday -- the need for sleep

I thought it would be especially appropriate if I were to 'review' my own life on this particular Review It Wednesday. So today, instead of a product or book review, here is what I have to say:

I'm too busy. Busyness can lead to stress. I'm too stressed. 

There are major changes going on in my life and I'm not taking the time to process them. Client demands are high right now, as are personal demands.

I'm editing a book for one client, writing a book for another and have two children's books to research and write for Marvel iStorybooks. And, of course, deadlines are looming.

Tomorrow, I'm heading to Lancaster for the Pennwriters Conference. I'll be presenting two workshops and moderating several other workshops. The days will be long ... but fulfilling.

Before I leave, I have more to do than I believe is humanly possible. 

That brings us to the subject of the blog ... and today's review. 

When I started thinking about which of the products/books I should review this week, I actually felt a bit sick to my stomach. A review? I thought. When am I going to find the time for a review?

The answer ... I'm not going to find the time. After all sleep is important. Even Laura understands that!

The value of a nap!

So, forgive me if you were counting on a review. Instead of taking the time to read one, why not spend some time reviewing your own life? What does your current state of busyness look like? Is it time to step back and let a few things slide?

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