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Review it Wednesday -- What do others have to say about Vinegar Fridays?

Since I'm always posting my opinions about other products and books, I thought I'd reverse it this week and give you a glance into what others are saying about my book, Vinegar Fridays.

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino of the Best Ever You Network, recently awarded VF with the Blue Ribbon Award!

Elizabeth writes:

The book just isn't about cleaning with vinegar though. It is about many other uses for it such as keeping rabbits out of your garden, taming the frizzies in your hair and more.

But above all, Green Grandma "Hana" is a really great writer. Hana really has a knack for words and good sentences, so really the book could be about anything and it would be a winner because of Hana's writing touch.

Click here to read more of the Best Ever You Blue Ribbon review.

Toni, the Chic Mama gave another glowing review:

Hana Haatainen Caye, also known as The Green Grandma, has written "Vinegar Fridays," a book filled with the wonderful uses of vinegar. I absolutely love the book's description, "A splash of vinegar with a dash of personality." The book, "Vinegar Fridays," is such an easy read, many thanks to Hana's personality jumping off the pages. Let me tell you, this book is not your Grandma's book about vinegar. Ummm, well, actually it is, but this Grandma's book is way better!

The first thing I noticed about "Vinegar Fridays" is that all of the information is compiled in such an organized way. For example, each chapter pertains to a specific use of vinegar. One chapter is regarding the beauty uses of vinegar: "Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder." Another chapter is regarding the many health benefits of vinegar: "Vinegar - For The Health Of It." This organization truly makes finding specific uses for vinegar around your household easy peasy.

Want more? Read the rest of Toni's kind review here. Sorry, but someone already won the contest and received a signed copy of Vinegar Fridays, but you can still buy it!

If you head over to Because I Said So (and Other Mommyisms), you'll have the chance to read the most thorough review of the book. It seems as though Meg tried nearly every tip in the book ... and posted pictures to demonstrate the effectiveness of these tried and true vinegar-related remedies! Like this pee-stained carpet --


and after
Meg has more pictures and more to say about the book ... lots more. Including this:

There is literally, something for everyone in this book. Several tips could easily fit into more than one chapter, so I found myself wishing there was an index for easy reference.

Oops. Oh yeah, an index. Something I should have taken the time to included, but didn't. However, I am working on one now, and it will be included in future printings. I am also going to make an index available for download, so those who already have books can simply print it up and stick it in the back of the book.

Meg's review is a fun and informative read. If you haven't had the chance, I highly recommend checking it out. I guarantee you'll learn something!

Jodee, from Multi Healing Balm, gave another glowing review.

If your new year’s resolution is to clean up your act whether it to be more eco friendly, healthier, happier, more energetic or to lose weight then Vinegar Fridays should definitely be on your read list.  The green grandma takes you through every room in the house even giving your beauty supply an overhaul in an often funny, easy to read style.  Although I thought of Vinegar Fridays as more of a reference book I promise those ‘dedicated’ will find it hard to put down. 
While you're on Jodee's site, take the time to check out one of the most amazing products I've ever come across -- Multi Healing Balm. And if you want to read more about what I think about this product, click here for the review I posted back in November.
Wanda, of Scratch That, mentioned the need for an index as well. But she had some other really nice things to say about the book. Her review is quite comprehensive, too.
The book itself is a very quick read. Hana condenses a lifetime's worth of tips into 72 pages. Each of the 19 chapters is just a few pages long, so it's quite easy to breeze through them. Hana's personality comes through as well, making me giggle at times. I've never met her in real life, but I feel like I know her from reading her blog, and her book feels just the same. She introduces us to her family in this book and tells how these tips have helped her whole family, right on down to her grand-kids.
The Green Grandma community has become like a family to me, so this book is my gift to you, my family. I've gotten to know some of you through the blog and Facebook page, and you, have become well-acquainted with me. As Wanda says, the book is written in the same style you've come to expect from me. I didn't change my style for the sake of "a book." Basically, what I did was put all the info I'd shared with you (plus some) and compiled it in a book to make it easier for you to make the switch from toxins to vinegar.
I hope you will take the time to read the book and let me know how much your enjoyed, or didn't enjoy, it. I love feedback! So let me know.
I so appreciate the kind words these gracious reviewers shared. If you have a website, blog, radio or television program, or podcast and would like to receive a copy of Vinegar Fridays to review, email me and I'll send out a copy.
Let's make every day a Vinegar Friday!
Keeping it green with vinegar,

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