Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Review it Wednesday -- It's all about the Sax

I hate taking plastic bags when I go to a store. What about you? For me, I feel like the biggest hypocrite on the planet when I walk out of a store carrying a plastic bag. Horror of horrors, the thought of running into someone I know makes it so much worse!

But sometimes you run into a store unexpectantly and you're not toting around your reusable shopping bags. After all, a lot of them are big and bulky and you often just leave them in the car, right?

Well, I have a solution for you! The handy, dandy Envirosax®.

My cousin, Kelly, bought me an Envirosax® a couple of years ago, and I've been hooked since. After all, what's not to love about these lightweight nylon bags that roll up and snap and can be tossed into nearly any size purse? With the Envirosax®, there's never an excuse to be without a reusable bag, even when you make an impulse purchase! With Envirosax®, you're always prepared!

Animal Planet Bag 4

I have 3 Envirosax® bags. The one I received from Kelly, one I purchased at Heavenly Soaps and Scents in Lititz, PA, and one I received from my daughter, Bethany. It's from the Animal Planet line and is the prettiest one I have.

The bags are a roomy 19.5" x 16.5" size when opened, and a dainty 4" x 1.5" when rolled up. They weigh next to nothing, yet hold 44 lbs.!!

Bloom Bag 4
 The bags come in such a wide variety of patterns and colors (including solids) and there are even designs to appeal to kids of all ages!




In addition to the convenience of Envirosax® bags, what I really love is that they are machine washable! That makes them the perfect bag for grocery shopping. No more worrying about bacteria growing inside your reusable bags! Simply unload your meats and produce and toss the bags in the wash! How great is that?!


Envirosax® even has these wonderful little pouches you can buy to tote your totes in, and they only cost $1.95. You can put 3 bags in the children's pouches and 5 in the regular ones. And of course, they come in all sorts of marvelous designs and colors as well. While the individual Envirosax® bags sell for $8.95 and $9.95, you can buy sets of 5 with the pouch for $39.95!

I think the Envirosax® bags are so awesome, I'm giving one away! This giveaway is limited to those of you on Facebook, however. And I won't do the drawing (via until after midnight (EST) on January 16th, provided my page reaches 700 'likes' by then. If we're not at 700 on Monday night, I'll wait until we get there. Fair enough?

Here's what you need to do to rush this process along. Refer your friends! Everyone who posts a comment on my FB wall stating why they want to win an Envirosax® will get 1 entry. Everyone who posts the contest on their own FB page (and let's me know about it) gets 3 more. Everyone who is mentioned in a friend's post ( ______ sent me), gets 6 more! That's 10 right there. Easy, huh? If the winner has at least 10 entries, they will also receive an exclusive Green Grandma reusable bag!

Again, the deadline is midnight January 16, 2012, or when we reach 700 'likes' after that.

Let's grow the community and save some plastic bags along the way!

Keeping it green with Envirosax®,


By the way, Envirosax® is having a sale that ends TODAY, January 11, 2012. If you spend $50, you get 50% off your entire order! See their website for details.


  1. I love my Envirosax!! They are great to keep in my diaper bag, purse, car and sometimes I even have one in my coat pocket!!

  2. Yep. They're great for coat pockets. I just ordered more with that amazing 50% off sale!

  3. I love these. I carry so many totes around for our project, that I love personal bags I can tuck in my pursue, laptop case or glove box and not worry about losing. Excellent! If we win, we will donate to the tote bag drive!

  4. Good luck! We still need some more 'likes' on the page before I pick a winner through


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