Monday, April 18, 2011

The Sabbath Experiment

The lovely little Lady Laura at Phipp's Conservatory Summer '10
Today is going to be a busy day, starting off with an appointment with the eye doctor in just a bit. This is the first time I'm going for a complete diabetic eye exam and I'm hoping for the best!

The rest of the day will be devoted to finishing up my taxes, writing the dreaded checks, and then trying to get back on track with work that has been grossly neglected this past week.

With that said, I apologize ahead of time for this brief recounting of the Sabbath this week. It was a beautiful, albeit windy, day. Sunday School, Palm Sunday worship, lunch and an afternoon at the always wonderful Phipps Conservatory with my husband, two of our daughters, one son-in-law and our grandchildren, the lovely little Lady Laura and little Lord Lincoln. This is an annual tradition and, other than regretting the choice of high heels today, it was a simply lovely time. The Spring Flower Show was beautiful, complete with vibrant hydraengeas, pastel tulips, white Easter lilies and a remarkable display of orchids of every size, color and shape. If you are not from the Western Pennsylvania area but ever have the opportunity to visit, this is one attraction you do not want to miss.

I came home and soaked in a hot bath for over an hour, most of the time spent chatting with my mother who lives across the state. Then I made a spaghetti dinner. And now comes confession time. At 9:30, I headed up to my office and tackled the taxes. You see, Saturday night, somehow, a huge amount of the work I did on them, disappeared. Disappeared! So, not wanting to stress my husband out any further, as the deadline looms, I spent the last few hours of the Sabbath working on my taxes. Sometimes, when you are an accomplished procrastinator, these things happen.

So, I'm off to begin this busy week. Don't forget there are two giveaways going on right now. One ends at midnight and the other in a couple of days.

Have a blessed week, my friends,


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