Thursday, April 28, 2011

White bread and fluorescent snacks

Have you been following any of the controversy about kids taking packed lunches to school? What do you think? Should parents be permitted to decide what their kids are eating? Or should the school district/government dictate their noontime nourishment? Of course, I'm one who believes kids should be able to take packed lunches to school. Naturally, I believe everything should be packed in reusable containers/bags, but that's a secondary issue.

For those of you trying to pack healthly lunches for your kids, I'm happy to share an article I came across (and was granted permission to share) at There are some nice ideas here for creative, yummy and good-for-them lunch fare.

White bread and fluorescent snacks are so 1982. Here’s the 411 on Lunchbox fun…Gluten-free and flavorful treats that pack a nutritious punch.

But be sure to play it safe. When it comes to perishables, prepare food the night before and put them in an insulated lunch box to keep them cool longer. Add in an ice-pack if food is sitting for more than 3 hours.

  • Roll on: layer sliced chicken breast, lettuce or sprouts and chopped tomato onto a sprouted grain tortilla with a dab of stone ground mustard. Roll and slice into pinwheel pieces.
  • Pita the Pocket: Fill a sprouted grain pita with tuna salad seasoned with lite mayo and studded with celery and raisins.
  • Snappy Sticks: Clean and cut up your own celery, carrot and cucumber spears. Pack them in an ice-filled cup so they’ll be nice and crisp when they get snapped up. Add a side of whipped veggie cream cheese to dip.
  • Fruit Kebabs: Who doesn’t love food on a stick? Skewer fresh strawberries, slices of melon and grapes with a side of low-sugar vanilla yogurt and a sprinkling of natural granola. Makes a great breakfast on the run, too.
  • Rasta Pasta Salad: With a vegetable peeler, create long ribbons of carrot and zucchini. Steam and add to brown rice pasta (let them pick their fave shape). Season with a little grated cheese and butter and heat up in the morning before they head out the door.
  • Veggie Grilled Cheese: Cheddar, red bell pepper and steamed broccoli get cooked between two pieces of sprouted grain bread. Press with a spatula and seal it all in for one-handed eating ease.
  • Simple Sushi: Sushi rolls are no longer a snooty snack. Grab some Sea Snax olive oil toasted seaweed and roll up some vinegar-seasoned brown rice, avocado and cucumber hand rolls.
  • An A+: Spread almond butter and sliced apples onto a warm sprouted wheat tortilla and fold in half. Give it a quick glow in the pan for a nice nutty flavor.

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