Thursday, February 3, 2011

Who wants to be a Happy Mama?

The folks at Earth Mama Angel Baby have graciously offered to gift one of you with a bottle of Happy Mama Spray! How awesome is that?!

So here's what I want you to do: Post a comment here and share with the community what makes you a happy mama (or happy papa or happy daughter or ... whatever it is that makes you happy)! Also, mention one other Earth Mama Angel Baby product that has the word "happy" in it. (You'll have to visit the website for that!)

I'll choose a winner (via after midnight EST and announce the winner on Vinegar Friday!

Good luck!


  1. What makes me most happy is... Me deciding to be happy! Finding joy in life is really all about your state of mind. :-)

    Another product is Happy Feet!

  2. what makes me happy is my alarm clock.... he is about 31 inchs tall. super blond hair with super cold feet. wonders in every morning and gets a few cuddles in before it is time to get out of bed.

    happy momma body wash.
    billjulie clark facebook

  3. Sounds like an awesome product. I love the fact that it has all natural fragrances.

    Barbi Hardoin/FB Fan

  4. Anything I do with friends makes me happy.
    Talking on the phone, reading FB posts,
    spending time together, ...
    I think I'll send my grandbaby some Angel Baby Bath Blossoms, and maybe I'll send some to me too!

    Barbi Hardoin/FB Fan

  5. What makes me a happy momma is when my toddler wraps his arms around my neck, gives a squeeze & says " I love you Momma!". Melts my heart every time. :-)
    I think my feet would love their Happy Feet!

    FB = Leann LaPresti

    ziggy28028 at yahoo dot com

  6. A good smelling baby makes me happy!!

    How about the Happy Suds bundle!

  7. Either of my kids in a snow suit! They are both so cute bunbled up but then aren't all kids lol? Giggles from my kids cuddles from my kids.

    I want to try The milk maid tea

    Raven Fyre fan on Facebook

  8. I am so happy when my 22 month old says... Momma, I love you soooo much! Best friends!

    Happy Feet

    -Melissa Galbraith

  9. My two beautiful boys! They bring me sooo much joy!
    Danielle G.

  10. Sunshine makes me happy!
    Happy Feet
    tannis_z at excite dot com

  11. Hi Tannis,

    Unfortunately, the contest ended last week. But stick around, we'll be giving away more great products in the upcoming weeks!


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