Friday, February 25, 2011

Vinegar Friday -- a poem

I sit and stare blankly at the screen.
The blank screen stares back at me.

TGIVF!! I type,
void of sincerity.
Sincerely wishing it were not so.

Vinegar Friday, that is.
So wishing another one had not crept up on me
so quickly.

Quickly, the weeks pass by,
bypassing the Sabbath and Review It Wednesdays.
And now, here it is --
another Vinegar Friday.

TGIVF!! I type.
But why? Why am I thanking God
for something I wish were not so?

Wishing the week had not flown by
so quickly.
Quickly leaving me in a bind.

Bound to a year’s worth of writing about vinegar –
Yes, vinegar!
I seem to have lost my way.

What shall I write?
I ponder.
Pondering the countless benefits I have already expounded on.

Expounding enthusiastically on evidence that evokes
strong devotion.

But, alas,
devotion cannot elicit new ideas.

And thus, I defer another day of research,
another hour of searching for yet one more tip
I have not shared.

Sharing my failure to do so
with you, my friends,
I close.

Vinegar Fridays have delighted,
and attracted many a follower
to this site.

But, they say all good things must end someday.

Good things like long summer nights,
Christmas vacation,
favorite television shows,
and, yes,
even Vinegar Fridays.

Thank you for giving me a reason
to discover so many intricacies about vinegar.

I hope somewhere along the line
vinegar has changed just a bit of your life.

It certainly has changed mine.

-- Hana Haatainen Caye                                                                        


  1. Again I say, goodbye VF's! You have taught me so much! Well...... actually, Green Grandma has. So Im glad you are stickin around at least! :D

  2. Thanks. It was a tough decision. After all, what do we say on Fridays now that we can't say TGIVF?!


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