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Review it Wednesday -- Guest reviewer, Bethany Schad, gives her opinion of a fitted diaper

So many diaper choices! What’s a mother to do?

If you are considering cloth diapering, good for you! And if you are already hooked on it, read on. This week, my daughter, Bethany Schad, is offering her opinion on the Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted diaper, graciously given to her to try by Happy Baby Company, a local Pittsburgh store that ships anywhere in the United States for free! Check out their fabulous website and you will discover that Happy Baby Company (formerly Pittsburgh Cloth Diapers) is about a whole lot more than what you put on your little one’s bottom!

Before you read Bethany’s review, I just wanted to warn you that visiting the HBC’s cloth diapering section of their website might transform you into cloth diaper addict. I asked Adam, the owner of HBC, if he knew of any CDAA classes in the area (Cloth Diapering Addicts Anonymous), because I am seriously concerned about my daughter’s obsession with buying the cutest, the best, the most innovative diapers out there. He not only did not know of any, but he was hoping it would stay that way!

There’s nothing missing from his selection of cloth diapers and accessories: organic, swim, one-size, AIO, newborn, prefolds, flats, fitteds, pockets, and all-in-twos. Not to mention training pants, inserts and doublers, Snappis, and diaper covers. The selection is nothing short of fabulous! And they even offer Package Deals, to make stylish cloth diapering a bit more affordable.

Plus, Adam’s generosity went beyond offering a Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted diaper for Bethany to try. He is also offering one to a lucky reader of the blog (who will be chosen via! And there is no jumping through hoops required to win one. Simply do one of two things: “Like” the HBC Facebook page and/or sign up to receive the HBC newsletter (you will find the link to sign up on the left side of their website page as you scroll down). Then post a comment here letting me know what you did and what size Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted diaper you would like. It’s that simple. Oh, and while it is not a requirement, it would just be nice if you would “like” the GG FB page as well!


So, on to Bethany’s review!

This is the first fitted diaper I have tried and I am quite impressed. I always liked the option to use a prefold with a cover, but getting a Snappi on my wiggle worm is sometimes hard. This prefold diaper was very easy to get on. I used a size two on my five-month-old son, because Lincoln is just over 18 pounds.

The Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted diapers come in two sizes:

Size One – 0-9 mos. 6-18 lbs.

Size Two – 9-36 mos. 18-40 lbs.


• Soft
• Adjustable rise
• Tunnel design to allow for additional stuffing
• Elastic around the legs and waist
• Pair with a diaper cover (as with all prefolds – they are not waterproof!)
• Snaps or Aplix hook and loop closures
• Easy to use
• Grows with baby so you only need two sizes from birth to potty-learning
• Great colors (Mango, Honeydew, Orchid, White and Meadow)

Internal soaker is composed of spongy microfiber that can absorb up to seven times its weight in liquid.


• No leaks or blowouts
• Super soft
• Easy to get a good fit with the Aplix and a squirming baby
• Made it overnight with no leaks and with no extra inserts used (this would be a great diaper for a heavy wetter!)

Okay, to be fair, there are some downsides as well.

Fitted diaper with diaper cover

• Drying time was long
• A bit bulky (compared to AIOs and other diapers I’ve tried)
• Having to put both a diaper and a cover on

If you are looking for a fitted diaper that works well at keeping your lap and the baby’s crib dry, this is certainly one to consider. And ordering this and any other supplies from Happy Baby Company has its added benefits – FREE SHIPPING and GREEN PACKAGING!

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  1. Great Review Bethany...

    Like HBC and receive their news letter and also like the Green Grandma FB page as well
    would like a size 2 if I win

  2. I already LOVE HBC and I liked Green Grandma.
    I would love to try size 2 of the Thirsties fitted dipe! Thank you to all of you for the giveaway!! :)

  3. I “Like” the HBC Facebook page and would love a size 1. Martha Basham bashammm at yahoo dot com

  4. I love HBC on facebook, via newsletter, and in person.

    I also like Green Grandma on Facebook

    I would love a size two diaper if I win :-)

  5. Thanks for the review! I've always loved using Thirsties covers with prefolds and am just starting to venture out using other cloth diapers. Would love a size 2:) Love Happy Baby great to have a local source as well as a place I can recommend to out of state friends since there is the free shipping! I follow them on Facebook as a fan!

  6. I like HBC and get their newsletter. I also follow your blog. If chosen, I'd need a size 2!

    Also, wanted to mention that the review talks about prefolds and fitted diapers as if they were interchangeable. They're not the same thing. Prefolds are what lots of people use as burp cloths - they lay flat and have a thicker part down the middle. Fitted diapers have elastic and are shaped to the baby's body shape. Just wanted to clarify! :)

  7. Liked the HBC facebook page and signed up for their newsletter. I'd want a size two for my little one.

  8. i "like" happy baby company and green grandma on facebook! if i win, i would like a size one (in a neutral color if possible). thanks!

  9. we <3 HBC (on facebook and "for real")!

  10. I'm impressed by your thorough review. Great job! A Happy Baby Co sent me to your contest. I'm friends on Facebook.

  11. We already love HBC and their newsletter! We love our cloth diapers too!
    If we win, we would like a size 2!
    Going to go and like GG on FB now!
    Gina Mannion
    vrhawn at hotmail dot com

  12. I like GG and HBC on FB!

    Size 2 please!

  13. I 'like' Happy Baby Company on FB
    Size 1

    angburt at hotmail dot com

  14. I like HBC on facebook!

    I'd love to try a size 2!

    karentinklepaugh at gmail dot com

  15. Have been a FB fan of HBC for awhile. Adam and Lilli ROCK!! Would love to have a size 2 in snaps if possible.

  16. AAF of HBC and am subscribed to their newsletter. I'd love a size 1. Also am now a new fan of yours on FB!
    tvpg at aol dot com

  17. So happy to welcome so many new friends! Thank you for taking the time to check out the blog!

  18. I am a fan of HBC! And especially a fan of GG for being inspired by my daughter to start GG!

    I would love a size 2 for my handsome nephew Lincoln!

  19. I like hbc on facebook. I'd like size 2. Ichigooverflow at gmail dot com

  20. i am a fb fan of theirs stacy lynn b h and would love size 1!
    hancoci_s at msn dot com


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