Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review It Wednesday -- I'm a Happy Mama!

A few weeks ago when I decided to start the Review It Wednesday feature on the blog, I contacted the folks at Earth Mama Angel Baby and asked them if I could review one of their products. They enthusiastically agreed and asked me to pick something. Of course, Green Grandma doesn't have need of any of the pregnancy or breastfeeding products (thank God!), so I went with something even those of us in the latter half of our lives could appreciate. I requested the Happy Mama Spray and let me tell you...I'm a happy grandmama!!

When I'm feelin' run down,
a bit depressed,
feel like giving up
'cause I'm oh so stressed,
I grab a little bottle,
shake it up and then I spray.
Who needs Calgon?
Happy Mama takes me away!

Okay, so I know the meter is off by a beat in the last line, but you get the idea! Seriously, the Happy Mama Spray provides the pick-me-up I am so often in need of. The bottle sits on my desk, within reach, so that anytime I need a lift, I can just grab it, shake it up and spritz the air around me. Inhaling has never felt so good! It's like a little endorphin party every time I breathe in!

What makes this stuff so amazing? Well, for one thing, it is completely safe to use. The ingredients include pure essential oils and flower essences, like ylang ylang flower oil and organic orange, ginger and lime essential oils. The aroma is simply delicious.

Granted, this is a spray that is sold on the Earth Mama Angel Baby website under the Pregnancy tab -- but that doesn't mean we grandmas can't enjoy it! Why is it marketed to pregnant mamas? Because of the blend of oils, particularly ginger, which is ideal for helping to fight morning sickness.

But Happy Mama Spray is designed for other purposes as well. If you know a new mom who is suffering from post-partum depression, this aromatic spray can help battle the baby blues. Or for that stressed-out mama who is chasing around a toddler all day or navigating through the waters of having a teenager or two, Happy Mama Spray won't solve their problems, but it will give them an occasional lift.

It's perfect as a linen spray. And an air freshener. A body spray. And a calm-your-nerves and lift-your-spirits spray.

Earth Mama Angel Baby promotes Happy Mama Spray as "virtual bliss in a bottle," and that it is. Remember the old bubble bath commercials where the woman would sigh, "Calgon, take me away" as she sank into a tub of bubbles? Well, this aromatherapy mist will do just that, without all the toxins. I shudder as I think about what was in that tub with her!

The bottom line is, yes, I did get the product for free from EMAB so I could review it. And yes, I love this company of safe baby and mommy products. So the question is: Can I be objective? Well, let me tell you. I could sit here and try to come up with something negative to say...but then all I have to do is spritz some Happy Mama Spray and all the negativity vanishes. So can I be objective? Ummm, I don't know. I just misted the air around me and all I want to do is a Happy Mama dance. You decide.

Keeping it green and happy on Review It Wednesday,



  1. I LOVE my EMAB Happy spray! I spray it all the time. I think the only negative is that the scent doesn't last long enough.

  2. Good point. Yes, this is a downside. I guess I just spray it so much I didn't notice.

  3. This is a great company! They are local to me (in the Portland, OR area) and I've used a lot of their products: the baby shampoo; the diaper rash balm (which still works great on my 4-year-old's eczema), all sorts of stuff. They also have very lovely and sensitive gifts for mamas who have undergone a pregnancy loss.

  4. It is a great company. My daughter used a lot of their products while she was pregnant, and continues to do so with her son and herself now that's she's breastfeeding.

  5. I think I might have every product they make!


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