Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Review It Wednesday -- for breastfeeding mamas

So happy to have guest reviewer and GG community member, Erika Gohl, reviewing Motherlove's More Milk Plus for us today! Thank you, Erika!!

I first want to say thank you to Green Grandma for allowing me to try and review this product for her and the blog.

As a mother it was essential for me to breastfeed my baby. A little background here on me and my family.... I have two beautiful children aged 4 years and 6 months. When I had my daughter 4 years ago I tried to breastfeed her but was told she had an allergy to breast milk. So I started her on formula and slowly watched her turn into the Michelin baby (cute but not healthy). I decided this time around with my son that I was going to try and breastfeed for as long as possible, no matter what, especially now that I know more about the benefits of breastfeeding and breast milk.

I'm sure a lot of breastfeeding mothers go through what I do with feeding my son. There are times when we feel like we aren't producing enough milk for our children. Like my lactation consultant says, "It's hard to have faith in something you can't see.” I was trying my hardest to believe I was producing enough but my breasts were feeling empty all the time even hours after a feeding. My son was still gaining weight regularly, so I knew he was getting what he needed, but I wanted to build up a freezer supply.

I started doing some research about ways to increase milk supply and came across Fenugreek seed. I had heard some new mothers talking about this. Research shows that Fenugreek is frequently used by lactating women to increase milk supply. However, I was hesitant about going out and buying something I had no idea would work or not, and I didn't know how to take it. So I tried some other things first. One thing I heard was that eating cooked oatmeal (regular not instant) could also increase the milk supply, so I tried this for a few days. I am not the type of person to eat the same thing all the time, as I get bored with food. Although, it was funny to hear my 4-year-old say that I was making milk every time I ate oatmeal!

I came across More Milk Plus through Green Grandma because she was looking for someone to review the product for her. I went to the Motherlove website before I let her know I was interested, and checked out the other reviews and ingredients, happy to see that all of the reviews were good and the ingredients were certified organic. The combination of ingredients is proven effective in increasing milk supply quickly and effectively. Some of the reviewers on the site stated that their milk increased within 2 days so I really wanted to try it. At this point, I was a little skeptical about this working.

I began taking More Milk Plus capsules almost a week ago and within 24 hours I was able to pump twice the amount I would have normally pumped! The second day I was able to start pumping for my freezer supply. When I started taking the capsules, I noticed 2 capsules (into the recommended dose of 4 capsules) made me extremely thirsty! I couldn't get enough to drink. I also noticed a faint odor of maple syrup when I am feeding my son, which comes from the fenugreek seed in the capsule. The only downside to all of this is that my son is now eating more. I'm hoping continued usage will keep up with his demand.

I would honestly recommend this product to any breastfeeding mother looking to increase their supply. It works quickly and effectively. It is also very easy to take/use if you follow the directions. Motherlove has a whole line of products geared towards breastfeeding. If this one isn't right for you, they will have something else that is. Now, even after taking More Milk Plus for a short amount of time, I can say there is no need to be skeptical about this product really working.


  1. Great review Erika! I feel like I produce just enought milk, but none extra at all. I would love to stock up on my freezer supply. I wonder if I could take it every once in awhile to pump when I needed it?

    Bethany Schad ( I can't get my husbands account to sign out!? )

  2. Bethany: You can use the product exactly as you described. If you want dosing info just call us and we can talk to you about how much for what you're trying to accomplish, and for how long, etc.

    Sheri at Motherlove

  3. Okay great! I'll be in touch!


  4. I've been taking this now for a week and have actually noticed my milk supply as decreased by atleast 1.5oz when I pump

  5. I don't know what to say about this, Mary. Perhaps you could contact Sheri at Motherlove and ask her. Good luck!


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