Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why Becca Smith loves PBS

I want to welcome Becca Smith back as a guest blogger today. Thanks Becca for offering your take on what's worth watching on television.

Why I love PBS (Public T.V.)

1)Better quality shows, for both the kids and myself.

2) No commercials. I really believe that watching TV in 6-8 min. sessions makes for short attention spans in our kids. I mean come on, it's almost not worth watching since they break that often. The content of a half-hour program ends up being less than 24 minutes long.

3) It's not mainstream. You won’t find "popular" story lines that follow trends of society.

4) Large selection of topics you won’t find on cable or network television.

5) It's free! If you can make a donation, do so, but if not, enjoy. Help when you are able to.

6) Better quality shows, for both my kids and me!!

So what are your thoughts? Are you a PBS fan as well? Post your comments on what you find to be worthwhile viewing for your family.

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