Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tiptoe through the tulips...but flat-foot it through the foyer

Many toddlers like to walk around on their tiptoes. But should you be concerned?

My grandbaby tends to do this when she's barefoot, but not as much when she has shoes on. Sometimes a tiptoeing toddler can spell trouble and other times it's a perfectly naturally phase of mastering the art of walking. When is it time to call the pediatrician?

Well, if your child will not stand or walk on flat feet ever, there could be a problem with his or her Achilles tendons. When these tendons are too short or tight, your child may need leg braces or possibly surgery to lengthen the tendons in the calves. Sometimes certain stretching exercises are all that's needed.

One other thing your pediatrician will be looking for is the possibility of a mild case of cerebral palsy.

When I first noticed Laura's tiptoeing behavior, I was concerned. But she'll flat-foot it along with best of 'em, so once more, Grandma's concern was unfounded. Don't you just love when that happens?

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