Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Voting day

It was primary voting day in Pennsylvania and I woke up in a rather foul mood. First of all, I had to sort through all the info about the candidates so I could vote responsibly. Plus, I had to tune out all of the half-truths that have been filling my brain for the past few weeks via political ads. Hallelujah the commercials are done for now!!

As I stood in the shower, I grabbed the body wash and started reading the ingredients, which got me thinking. Sometimes that's not a good thing! Once I started thinking, I started getting angry.

Why is it that the government has the right to tell us our children must be in car seats and they must have vaccinations, but they don't bother telling companies and corporations they must stop poisoning our children with chemicals and known carcinogens?

Why can the government dictate our personal illegal drug use (not that I'm advocating that!!), but yet allow pesticides to cover the food we will ingest, possibly causing much greater damage to our systems than an occasional snort of cocaine?

Why are baby bottles and sippy cups now marked "No BPA" but our canned foods hide BPA in the lining of the cans?

Why is it you can enter a hospital to kill your baby, but if you choose to have your baby and take your baby home, the hospital will not allow you to leave unless you have a government-approved car seat. What??

Like I said, thinking for me is not always a good thing. Perhaps it's best to just bury my head in the sand and not care. But then again, if I don't care, how will I protect myself and my family from the onslaught of legal threats to our health?

Do I trust the government? Not in the least. Do I blame any particular administration or political party? Wish I could. But the bottom line is when it comes to choosing the welfare of the American people over the corporate dollar, I fear we are in trouble and have been for a very, very long time.

Sharing my heart and ranting a bit,


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