Friday, February 26, 2010

Vinegar Fridays

TGIVF! Welcome to the second in a series of Vinegar Fridays! Since talking turds was so popular this week, I thought we'd keep it in the bathroom today...that oh so pleasant task of cleaning the toilet.

Having an odor problem? Deodorize your toilet by pouring 3 cups of vinegar in the bowl and letting it sit for about a half hour or so. Better yet, let the vinegar do its magic overnight and then give your toilet a quick brush before flushing. That is, of course, if you have luxury of no one in the family needing to use the potty during the night. If you're someone who wakes up in the morning and has to go pronto, just think of the opportunity to practice your Kegels as you scrub away and watch the rings disappear! Not only does the vinegar clean and deodorize, but it disinfects as well.

Plus, you can freshen the air in the bathroom by simply mixing a teaspoon of baking soda, a tablespoon of vinegar and a cup of water in a clean spray bottle and spritzing it around the bathroom. Odors be gone! And don't worry about a strong vinegar smell -- it dissipates quickly.

Natural, economical, non-toxic, no harmful vapors or odors....what more could you want? White distilled vinegar is the best toilet cleaner around!

So that's it for the potty talk today! Hope you found it useful and, of course, unoffensive!

Keeping it green,


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