Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I've been snowbound for the past week, but today the sun made an appearance and I decided to venture out into the real world again. Wow, it's a snowy mess out here! Parking lots are a bit humorous as drivers seem to have no idea how to park their cars! Even when the parking space lines are clearly defined, cars are parked in every direction, but the correct one. Maybe the drivers were experiencing snow blindness.

It’s good to be out among the living. As I write, I’m munching on a sour dough roll at Panera’s and enjoying a cup of coffee brewed by someone other than me. A couple of adorable little ones are sitting a few feet away from me and I’m debating giving their moms a couple of Green Grandma business cards. The baby girl just turned 6 months old and is eating baby food and drinking from a sippy cup. Her high chair cover is the first thing that grabbed my attention, so I asked about it. It’s an Eddie Bauer cover from Target and works well with both high chairs and shopping carts. I like the way the straps come over the baby’s shoulders and I plan to check it out the next time I’m at Target.

The other little girl is about 2, I’m guessing. She’s sitting on the same kind of high chair cover I bought for my grandbaby. Now that I’ve started this blog, I’m more observant of these types of things. I have to be careful though…I tend to stare a lot and people might start shielding their little ones from my gaze, although I don’t think I look like stalker material. But you never know.

With Valentine’s Day just 2 days away, I’ll wrap this up with wishes for you to have a happy celebration of the love that’s in your life. As I’ve said before, life is short. We never know what’s right around the corner. Say “I love you”s often. Don’t assume the people around you know how you feel. Even if they do, there’s nothing quite like hearing the words. If your parents have never been the type to express their feelings, express yours. You never know what kind of response you might get. Maybe, for the first time ever, you’ll hear the words spoken back to you.

Valentine’s Day is not just a day for sweethearts. Do your part in making it special for those who may not expect it…the single woman in your church, the elderly widow(er) next door, your workaholic boss, the cashier at the grocery store. We may not have any power over the weather, but we do have power over our actions. This Valentine’s Day, use that power to make someone smile. That will make it the sweetest day ever…I guarantee it.


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