Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Helpful tidbits for greener, healthier and happier lives

Short little tidbits of info that you may find informative or useful:

  • Cut the risk of arthritis, cancer and heart disease by drinking white tea. The more you drink, the less the odds of developing any of the three, according to British researchers. Resolve to stick around longer for your kids and grandkids and start sipping!
  • Focus on what you can control in your life and try not to let your imagination take you to dark places by thinking about what might (or might not) happen. Your attitude and the atmosphere in your home will brighten with a little bit of practice. The minute you start tensing up with worry, ask yourself if what you're thinking about is really just in your imagination. If it is, let it go. Use your imagination to take you to sunny places, like the beach on a warm day with gentle breezes. See? Don't you feel better already?
  • Swapping is the way to go in the 21st century! Now, of course, I'm talking baby clothes, carseats, etc., not spouses! Check out,, or Your wallet, and the environment, will be glad you did!
  • Using clear plastic bins to store things in makes life much easier when, say, kid number two comes along. Head up to the attic and grab the newborn clothing, diapers/diaper covers, crib sheets, etc. without having to sort through boxes. Well, look at that...a good use for plastic!
  • Empty wine bottles make perfect boot fillers! Line up your boots neatly in your closet by slipping an empty bottle in each one. Just think: an organizing goal that involves emptying a bottle of wine or two. I'm liking this one!
  • If you're looking for a family bird that's child-friendly, skip the biters, like parrots and cockatoos (they really can take off a toddler's finger!), or the screamers, like cockatiels and lovebirds (aren't kids noisy enough?) and opt for a gentle budgie (parakeet) or a sweet singing canary. Keep in mind, however, that no matter what choice you make, there will still be a cage to clean.
  • By using a shampoo and conditioner-in-one, you cut down on the amount of plastic bottles you're buying and stacking up in your shower. Just a thought.
  • Men's noses are just naturally not programmed to pick up that poopy diaper smell. Period.
Enough for today. I hope something here will help you live a greener, healthier and/or happier life.


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