Monday, October 19, 2009

20 things kids don't really die from

Regardless of what they tell you, or what your misplaced guilt tries to dictate, kids really won't die from:

1. Hearing the word "No"

2. Being deprived of television, dvds, or a computer in their room

3. Not having their own cell phone

4. Having to dress modestly

5. Having a bedtime or curfew

6. Not being able to get their license the moment they're legally able to

7. Having to eat vegetables

8. Doing chores before they can go outside to play

9. Going outside to play

10. Not getting their ears, belly button, lip, eyebrows, etc. pierced

11. Not making the cheerleading squad/football team

12. Not winning beauty pageants

13. Waiting

14. Embarrassment

15. Having to ride the bus

16. Being seen with you at the mall

17. Eating dinner at the dining room table with the rest of the family

18. Having to spend a few hours with Grandpap at the nursing home

19. Saving their money

20. Drinking water instead of sugar-laden soft drinks

On the other hand, kids do die from not being strapped in their car seats, not wearing seat belts, riding bicycles without helmets, living in smoke-filled homes, drowning, fires in homes without smoke detectors, irresponsibility of caretakers, H1N1, physical abuse, neglect, poor nutrition, dog bites, AIDS, drug addiction at birth, fetal alcohol syndrome, contaminated food/water, ATV accidents, riding in the back of pick up trucks, cancer, violence and more.

It's your job to keep your kids and grandkids safe and healthy. Give them a good dose of discipline and reasonable boundaries (by your standards, not theirs) and don't make it your goal to be their best friend. Parenting involves unpopular decisions on your part...and that's okay. Raising responsible kids pays dividends beyond your wildest dreams. Someday, they'll thank you for it.

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