Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thursday's Truths & Tidbits -- It's all about the breast

Let's talk a bit about breast cancer prevention again today. There is something many women do that significantly increases their risk of developing breast cancer. And I want to warn you and I want you to warn your daughters and co-workers and friends and mothers... warn every woman you know. 

Photo courtesy of Marina Shemesh

Do not ... I repeat ... do not carry your cell phone in your bra. PERIOD. 

There are documented cases of young women who have developed breast cancer after carrying their cell phones next to their breast. Devra Davis Ph.D. MPH, President and Founder, Environmental Health Trust, states, "These cases all formed with multiple primary tumors in the outlines of where the cell phones lodged. Typically, breast cancer appears in the upper outer quadrants, not in the center of the chest. And none of the patients have the known breast cancers mutations. The location, the young age, the amount of tumors, and the lack of markers are all very concerning." 

But wait -- yeah, I sound like an infomercial, don't I? -- it's not just women who are at risk, so you have to spread the news to all the men you know who have a habit of carrying their phones in their shirt pockets. After all, men can get breast cancer, too.

Read the warnings from your cell phone manufacturer on the safest way to use and carry your phone. Also, before buying a new phone, check the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). The FCC has imposed limits for safe exposure to radio frequency energy from cell phones (a SAR level of 1.6 watts/kilogram). If you're not sure, ASK.

If you're in an area with a weak signal, realize that your phone will work harder and emit more radiation due to the blocked signal. Keep the phone away from your body in those instances.

Of course, always check with your doctor if you notice any changes in your breast, such as reddened skin that does not go away.

When it comes to breast cancer, prevention is key. This is just one more way. Holster it or keep it in your purse, but do not, I repeat -- DO NOT -- slip it into your bra.

Keeping it healthy,

As a mother and grandmother, I am constantly researching healthier living options, which include being proactive in preventing diseases and conditions. My use of homeopathic remedies has spanned decades and is the reason I'm thrilled to be a Hyland's HealthMaker. Let's not just treat our health conditions, let's do everything we can to prevent them.


  1. Let's expand on that: don't put it in a front pant pocket either. If you must use a pocket, use a back pocket. And take it out whenever you can -- for instance, put it into a phone tray in the car or on your desk at work. To the point: away from the body is best; away from the goods when it's near your body is second best.


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