Friday, October 21, 2016

So what's the scoop with the homeopathic teething tablets?

Most likely you've heard the warning about Hyland's teething tablets and gels. And you were concerned, right? Well, let me tell you, my daughters are still using them with their kids and here's why:

Despite the sensational and dramatic headlines that created a public scare and led to the removal of homeopathic teething products from the shelves of store, there really isn't anything to be concerned about. After the damage was done, the FDA clarified their statement, indicating they were conducting an ongoing investigation as a response to reported serious adverse events. The initial warning was arbitrary and capricious, but the media's exaggerated fear mongering made a bad situation worse. According to a spokesperson for the FDA, the relationship between the reported serious adverse events and homeopathic teething products has not even been determined. It is currently under review.

So, should you be concerned? I don't think so. I know there are many groups determined to undermine homeopathy (do any of the big-Pharms come to mind?). Obviously, if consumers continue to benefit from homeopathic remedies, there will be less need for over-the-counter and prescription drugs, right? So who loses? You figure it out.

Awhile back, a community member shared this story with me:

Her toddler found the Hyland's Nighttime Teething Tablets and ingested a whole lot of them. Naturally concerned, this mama immediately phoned Poison Control. When PC heard what the toddler ingested, they told her not to worry about it. She also called and spoke with a representative at Hyland's who reassured her the child would have to ingest much more than one bottle of tablets before there would be any side effects whatsoever. Of course, both the persons at Poison Control and Hyland's were right. Nothing happened. The little girl was perfectly fine. And mama was relieved that she used homeopathy to ease the pain of teething, rather than something pharmaceutical, which could have had grave results.

The fact is that homeopathy is a safe, gentle, and natural system of healing that works with your body (not against it, as many pharmaceutical products do) to relieve symptoms, restore itself, and improve your overall health. It's been used by over 250 million people worldwide for the last 200 years! In the US, homeopathic OTC medicines are indeed regulated by the FDA and have been for decades.

Homeopathy has a laudable and extensively documented clinical record and there are hundreds of high quality, peer-reviewed basic science, pre-clinical, and clinical studies proving its efficacy and safety and absolutely NO studies linking homeopathically-prepared medicines and serious adverse events. 

Would I give my grandchildren homeopathic teething tablets? You bet I would. There is no scientific link between homeopathically-prepared belladonna, which is in Hyland's teething products, and seizures. None. Again, I have to wonder about who it is exactly that is leading this anti-homeopathic crusade. Unfortunately, because of everything happening with this issue, Hyland's has decided to stop distribution of their teething products here in the United States. This deeply saddens me. Click here to read their letter concerning this issue.

In the meantime, I'm going to continue using homeopathic remedies every chance I get. Of course, only you, as a parent, can decide what is best for yourselves and your children. And, as a reminder, I am not a medical professional, so take my advice with a grain of salt. Preferably Himalayan. 


  1. The media is completely bought and sold these days and will support political candidates, big agriculture, big pharma, and anyone else throwing big dollars its way. Which it desperately needs to do to try staying alive as people stream away toward alternative media ... Facebook, YouTube, blogs, etc. So their audience is dying, but they're still trying to set the agenda based on a dying reputation of unbiased reporting. They will purposely scare people about anything natural while pushing a corporate agenda. If we can stay away from the fear, though, and do our own conscientious review of things, we can do our best to continue making the right decisions for our own lives ... and hopefully hasten the demise of "news" that's aimed at profits rather than empowering.

    1. So very true, Steve. Thanks for taking the time to comment!


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