Monday, April 13, 2015

Nevermind the arsenic... are there GMOs floating around in my wine?

While so many of us watch for GMOs in our food, how many of us even think about whether or not our wine is genetically modified? I know I hadn't really given it much thought lately. 

The latest wine news seems to revolve around dangerous levels of arsenic found in California wines. That doesn't fare well for Two-Buck Chuck from Trader Joe's. Or my one of my favorites, Menage a Trois.

The other bad news about wine from the US is, unless you're buying organic wine, it's probably full of GMOs. Frey Organic from California is a good, safe choice. They were the first American vineyard to earn the Non-GMO Project verification. Natural Merchants is the first importer to receive the same.

Keep in mind, it's not the grapes we're concerned about here... it's the yeast that tends to be modified. According to the Organic Vineyard Alliance, "A GM yeast strain, called ML01, has been approved for use in the US as well as Canada, Moldova and South Africa."

The good news is that wines from Australia are GMO-free. The Winemakers Federation of Australia prohibits the use of GMOs in their wines. Woo hoo! A newly discovered personal favorite is Yellow Tail Bold Red. Free of genetically modified organisms and delicious. Wonderful. It was on sale at the Pennsylvania State Stores a couple of weeks ago and I bought six bottles!

To keep up with the news about Non-GMO Wines, 'like' their Facebook page.

I've made my recommendation for a good GMO-free wine, but I'd love to hear yours. Have you found a good wine that is non-GMO? Share the name in the comments below.

Here's a toast to Australia and all the vineyards around the world that are committed to making wines free of those nasty genetically modified organisms!

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