Monday, April 20, 2015

#10forSolar -- How ClimateStore Inc. is making a difference this week

Disclosure: I am an ambassador for ClimateStore Inc. This is a sponsored post. However, I do not receive anything for purchases made through any of the following links.

Last night, a huge transformer blew somewhere in our community. Our electricity went out, but was quickly restored again. We prepared for an evening without. I grabbed my solar lantern and my husband lit some candles. As it turned out, it was unnecessary, but it did make me think about those living in energy poverty. They don't have the luxury of electric lights, televisions with a kazillion stations, furnaces, etc. Their lives are often spent in darkness. Thank God for individuals and companies that care enough to do something about it.

With Earth Day 2015 only two days from now, I wanted to share how ClimateStore Inc. is partnering with the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF) on Earth Day to provide renewable energy to communities in need. But they're not limiting the project's positive impact to that one day. Instead, 10% of proceeds for all purchases made on through April 27, 2015 will be donated to SELF. How awesome is that?

You see, it's one thing to talk about something. It's an entirely different thing to actually do something about it.

Based in Washington, DC, SELF is a nonprofit with a mission of implementing solar energy solutions to assist the 1.5 billion people living in energy poverty. They do this through economic, educational, health care, and agricultural development by conducting small solar installations in places with a specific need. SELF solar installations helped power eight health centers after the devasting 2010 earthquake in Haiti. In Benin, SELF built a solar irrigation system, empowering farmers to grow food sustainably. Currently, they are working on a project to help provide lighting to schools in rural Columbia. 

By providing renewable energy to developing countries, SELF not only improves quality of life in those communities, but it also mitigates climate change. SELF is implementing a win-win solution that transforms lives, eliminates greenhouse emissions and provides lasting skills and infrastructure that will build more resilient communities. While ClimateStore helps people reduce their carbon footprints here at home, they also want to help people that may endure the consequences of our fossil fuel use.

Click here to be directed to the Earth Week promotion at And don't forget, your purchase matters!  

Just look at the faces of those who will benefit, and start shopping!


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