Friday, April 17, 2015

Considering Earth Day: Industrial-size Waste -- How to reduce it

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Does anyone remember kitchen trash compactors? My husband had one in his home long before I met him. It seemed like a good way to reduce the amount of trash a family produced.

I love that my husband was green-minded long before it was trendy. He recycled everything he could since the 1970s. Years ago, he even instituted a recycling program at the place he worked, saving the company lots of money, and the earth quite a bit of trash.

When it comes to big companies, a small trash compactor like Bill had would be a bit useless. That's where waste balers enter the picture. QCR recycling balers can reduce a company's waste by as much as 90%. That's significant. This UK-based company sells and rents recycling balers and compactors for cardboard and plastic. Mill size and horizontal balers are available as well.

Why does it matter? Quite simply because, worldwide, we need to limit the amount of waste we're putting into the landfills. Recycling balers keep waste out of there and put it back into the recycling stream. They also save companies money.

As Earth Day approaches (April 22), consider how much waste you produce, not only at home, but at your workplace as well. Is there something you can do about it? Maybe. Will it matter? Absolutely.

How do you reduce waste?

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