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The Christmas Countdown has Begun. This book can help and 3 readers will win a copy!

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I just got off the phone with an overwhelmed young mom who, with two children already, is due with another little one in just two months from now. She was having a meltdown. It's the holiday season and between Thanksgiving (which she hosted) and Christmas, she's having an open house in a few days to celebrate their new home. That would be enough usual stress right there, but then add to it:
  • In the middle of cooking Thanksgiving dinner, her brand new induction cook top quit working. It just shut down. Yikes.
  • The new repair part arrived this week and, naturally, it was broken in half. 
  • A couple of days before Thanksgiving, a tree fell and hit her house.
  • Not knowing you shouldn't put snow globes or candles in the attic where the heat is a bit extreme during the summer, she started decorating for Christmas only to discover a real mess. The snow globes empty and the candles melted all.over.everything.else. Yikes again.
  • Her brand new refrigerator is leaking from the hot water dispenser. Yet another call to the repair people. Sigh.
  • Her 19-month-old no longer wants to sleep through the night. Yawn.
  • I won't even mention the head lice. Yuck.
  • Her mother is too busy with work and other personal issues to help her out. Seriously.
  • The decorating is not done. The grocery shopping is not done. The open house is just days away. Is anyone feeling stressed just by reading this?
While it's a bit late to plan for a stress-free Christmas season for this young mom or for the rest of us, it is the perfect time to order a book that will help us do just that next year. 

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CHRISTINE'S CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN by Christine Ida Harrington is the perfect solution for every overworked, stressed out mom who needs help preparing for the holiday season. Harrington offers common sense planning, all neatly mapped out in a handy guide, complete with checklists, dates to remember, grocery lists, gift ideas, and more.

Starting in September, Harrington leads you through the step-by-step preparations. She even offers tips on losing weight, starting 12 weeks before Christmas actually arrives. She's basically covered everything.

October is full of more tips for easing the load come December.

In November, there are party planning pages, with a special place to note dietary restrictions for guests. While this didn't used to be a big deal, more and more hosts are realizing the need to plan according to these restrictions. Nut allergies, gluten intolerance, etc. can be real issues for people attending parties over the holiday season. Noting these dietary needs ahead of time can help reduce the stress when it's time to party!

By the time you reach December, provided you followed the guide Harrington's mapped out for you, you should be breathing easier than in years past. This is doable. Lists can be written for items to be purchased early (like mealtime staples) and items to be purchased late (like produce, dairy, etc.) There's even a chart for timing your meal preparation. 

Basically, Christine Ida Harrington did not miss a beat. She covered it all in this short little must-have guide to stress-free, or at least stress-less, holidays.

Of course, as a professional editor, I did trip over some glaring oversights of repeated typos. For example, on October's Event Checklist, the first 'n' in function is missing every.single.time. Cringe. And I had to keep reminding myself that this is written in British English, not American English, so there are variations in spelling and traditions. But all in all, it is a handy little guide that is sure to helpful to any busy mom (or mum) out there.

Buy one as an early Christmas present for you, and then figure out who else on your gift list could use a few tips on reducing stress from September through December and order a copy for each of them as well.

CHRISTINE'S CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN sells for just $6.99, so it's affordable enough to be a great present for teachers and service providers, too.

Would you like to win a copy of the paperback book? Of course, you would! We'll be giving away 3 copies. Just enter below on the Rafflecopter. Entries will be verified and winner has 48 hours to respond to my email before an alternate winner is chosen.

But hurry! Contest ends at midnight EST on Sunday!

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  1. The most stressful thing is gift giving. We live 3000 miles from our family (military). And I really don't see them enough to know what they like anymore. Plus the obligation to get gifts to people who want to buy for us and our kids. It's just too much.

    1. I hear ya. Mailing packages is so expensive, too. And making sure you get them in the mail in time is equally stressful.

  2. Holiday shopping whether it be groceries or gifts...........all the people drive ne nuts.

    1. It can be difficult. Although I like to smile at people and see them relax a bit with just a simple smile. :-)

  3. Trying to accommodate everyone's schedule and meal planning are the biggest stressors for me. Someone can only come at this time, someone can't eat that...fa-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la :)

  4. Trying to make sure everything is done on time and without my girls finding out my hiding places. Ugh! Sneaky little boogers...

  5. The most stressful thing is making sure everything gets done on time.


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