Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Addiction. It's not just about Hollywood

News of Philip Seymour Hoffman's death was devastating to his friends, colleagues, family members and fans. Unfortunately, it was more of the same... Hollywood's finest snatched away by the lure of drugs. They paid the ultimate price and left nothing but questions and regrets in the shattered debris of what had been a promising life. 

But it's not just celebrities who succumb to the seduction of drugs. Most of us know someone battling this addiction. Many of us know someone whose life was taken because of it. It's not about those people anymore. No. It's about all of us. In January, fourteen people lost their lives in the Pittsburgh area alone. 

Heroin has become a serious threat to our young people. Parents -- you have a right and a responsibility to look out for your kids. If that means violating their privacy in order to keep them alive, go for it. I truly believe that part of the problem with kids getting hooked on heroin is because they have parents that don't want to interfere with their lives. Too many parents want to be BFFs with their kids and shake off the responsibility of authority like a dog shakes off water after a swim in the pond.  

On Thursday, I'll be sharing Katie's personal story of what it's like to have a mom with an addiction to cocaine. It's heartbreaking. 

If you have a personal addiction story you would like to share, please email me at greengrandma@comcast.net. Let's share our pain. Maybe, somehow, we'll reach someone and make a difference.

Caring about you and your kids,


  1. Addiction is a very real, very daily thing for a lot of people but there is so much stigma around it most people don't even realize that they know someone who is struggling. Visiting from SitsShareFest!

    1. We knew a young woman who died from a heroin overdose last year. She left behind a precious two-year-old daughter. So very sad. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Angela.


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