Friday, March 7, 2014

A sweet Vinegar Friday


As promised, the first Friday of every month is officially Vinegar Friday! Today, I'm sharing a brand new tip I'm excited about. If you like grapefruit, this just might excite you, too!

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A couple of weeks ago, my son-in-law, Rob, asked me if I've ever tried apple cider vinegar on grapefruit. "No," I said. "Why?"

"I heard it sweetens it without having to use sugar."

"Really?" I asked, thinking it sounded a bit odd. "Have you tried it?" 

"Not yet."

"Well, let me know what you think when you do."

Last night, my daughter, Jessica, called me to let me know the verdict, as I haven't tried it myself. She gave it a thumbs up. Here's what she said:

You just take a teaspoon and sprinkle it on the grapefruit. Then let it sit for a minute or two. It was delicious. The apple cider vinegar added a sweet apple taste to the grapefruit.

Yes! To think diabetics and others who are trying to avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners can now enjoy grapefruit is amazing. All you need is a little bit of ACV! Jessica used Bragg unfiltered organic raw ACV. I imagine filtered would work as well, but I can't swear by it.

Now I'm looking forward to picking up some grapefruit and giving it a shot. 

Even Dr. Oz apparently recommends adding apple cider vinegar to grapefruit juice to aid in weight loss. Unfortunately, from what I've read on his website, he doesn't stress the importance of using the raw, unfiltered ACV when seeking the weight loss benefits. Bad mistake, Dr. Oz! I can't tell you how frustrated I get with him over this. Oh well. At least you all know the difference.

Warning: Because the juice from grapefruit blocks certain enzymes in the wall of the small intestine, destroying some medications and preventing absorption, people taking certain medications should not consume grapefruit. These medications include some statins, psychiatric drugs, antihistamines, and more. Please check with your physician or pharmacist before adding grapefruit to your diet.

That's it for this month. Check back on April 4th for some more vinegar tips.

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