Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tell Glade it's time to stop keeping toxic secrets!

We have a right to know what’s in the products we bring into our homes. And we have the power to convince Glade to put an end to this secrecy. They’ve said it themselves: “As a family company, listening and responding to consumers is [our] top priority.”

I'm asking you to get involved. Post this image to Glade's Facebook page and tell them you have a right to know what you're spraying in your home! Demand that they stop keeping toxic secrets!

Do you remember when we joined Women's Voices for the Earth and asked Tide to "Take the Cancer Out"? The campaign convinced Procter & Gamble, the biggest consumer product company on the planet, to make Tide safer – with a lot of help from WVE members, the blogging community, and fearless leaders like Lori Alper of Groovy Green Livin'

The Non-Toxic Avenger Babies, Emma and Maggie, who represented all of us in the Tide campaign, are back and ready to take on the next big corporation hiding toxic chemicals in our products! 

SC Johnson, makers of Glade air fresheners, say they’re committed to transparency: “We know you value transparency, and we’re committed to sharing what’s inside our products.”

Except when it comes to fragrance ingredients. 

Women’s Voices for the Earth’s product testing shows allergens and hormone disruptors like synthetic musks hiding out in Glade air fresheners. But you won’t find these chemicals on the label, because the makers of Glade keep fragrance ingredients a secret from consumers. What else is Glade hiding?

Some chemicals of concern in the fragrance palette of Glade's air fresheners:
  • Synthetic musks: Galaxolide and Tonalide.
  • All 26 of the allergens currently disclosed on SCJ product labels in the European Union (EU). SCJ doesn’t disclose these allergens on product labels in the US because they’re not required to by law.
  • Several additional allergens, which have been deemed of concern in the EU.
  • Several chemicals of concern identified by an EU panel as having no publicly available human safety data.
  • Terpenes, which can react with ground level ozone in the air to form cancer-causing formaldehyde.
  • Petroleum – the same compound in gasoline

Test results in WVE’s 2011 Dirty Secrets report found one of these toxic chemicals hiding out in Glade. Synthetic musks are:
  • persistent (they don’t break down in the environment)
  • bioaccumulative (they build up in our bodies)
  • potential hormone disruptors
  • may break down the body’s defenses against other toxic exposures
  • showing up in our blood and breast milk
Yuck! I don't know about you, but I certainly don't want my new grandbaby drinking musk-tainted breast milk! Seriously. 

If you're looking for safe alternatives to toxic air fresheners, check out the fact sheet on the Women's Voices for the Earth website. 

And for more information on the campaign, check out their Glade: Stop Keeping Toxic Secrets campaign page.
What I'm asking you to do is go to my Facebook page and like and share this image. Let's make it a viral campaign! And don't forget to sign the petition to tell Glad to stop keeping toxic secrets! Each and every voice counts!

Depending on you to make your voice heard,

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