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Cloth Diapering 101 -- a pictorial

My daughter, Bethany Schad, put together this pictorial cloth diapering overview in an attempt to help other moms understand the ins and outs of cloth diapering. She has graciously allowed me to share it with you.

Cloth Diapering 101

My diaper pail next to the diaper sprayer. Pail liner is by planet wise from 
Happy Baby Company.

I have it in yellow and gray. wicker basket from Hobby Lobby.

Diaper sprayer for removing solids into the toilet.

I also spray wet diapers that may not be getting washed in the next day

so that the pee doesn't dry on the diapers.

I believe this has helped me a ton with not having ammonia issues.

Most of my stash.

This doesn't include my newborn stash or the 6 dirty diapers from the day.
All of my pocket diapers. Bumgenius 4.0 and artist series

Wet bags- 1 large, 2 small Planet Wise and 1 small The Natural Baby Company bag.

On the left is my wipes solution- Honey chunks.

I boil water and add one chunk and add it to the little spray bottle for my diaper bag.

My cloth wipes. My sister made most of this stack for my baby shower (to use as cloth napkins). Some Thirsties Fab wipes and also some Hemp wipes.

Here are some of my cloth friendly diaper creams, as well.

The left is CJs BUTTer in spray and next to that is the same thing in an ointment.

The one on the right is Sweet Knee bum glaze.

Missing from the picture is Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm.
Some random pockets.
Charlie Banana
Bumgenius Freetime in Albert print
Bottombumpers 2 red and 1 light green (these are my sisters)
Rump-a-rooz in Robots
BumJoy (2 whites with blue inner)
Lotus Bumz in green/white start and black

Bumgenius pockets in
Artist series- Concrete Jungle, Eiffle Tower, Free Spirt and Jet Setter
Ribbit, Moonbeam, Twillight, Grasshopper, Butternut, White

I put a few of my gDiapers in here. We really don't use them.
I have a whole bunch of size smalls that we liked, but once we moved to the mediums,
they didn't hold enough.
Use with the hemp/microfiber insert pictured or disposable inserts.

To the left are newborn inserts from my BGs. Now I use these as boosters for nighttime.
Middle is a prefold and Snappi

These are 3 of my swim diapers.
iplay on left and 2 bummis in medium
The top are my prefold diaper covers. From the left,
4 Thirsties, Glovia and whales (can't remember the name!)
Bottom right is a Thirsties fitted diaper in Size 2. These are great for night time!

Diaper liners! These are great if you are going out and worried about poo!!

You can flush them!
"Some" of my prefolds! I have a TON!!
Prefold and Snappi
The way that I fold a prefold. There are many ways!!
Place in cover...
And closed!

Laundry time!
Vinegar in the rinse cycle of the wash.

Lulu's in the Fluff
Rock'nGreen in Classic and Funk Rock
Dryer Balls! I use 6 in a load.
Lincoln in a size small gDiaper
First time in a Cloth diaper!! This is a lil Joey I believe

gDiaper size small

Thirsties Fitted Size 2
Thirsties cover size 2 over fitted diaper
Bumgenius 4.0
Gosh is he cute!

Charlie Banana
Sunning your diapers is an amazing way to get out stains!

Bumgenius 4.0

To read reviews of some of the above products, click the following links:

And for an overview on finding the right cloth diaper for your little one, click here for guest blogger, Renee Lannan's review.

If you have any cloth diapering questions, Bethany will be happy to answer them personally. Just send her an email at greengrandma@comcast.net.

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