Monday, September 24, 2012

Thankful for the Sabbath

Peaceful photo by Vera Kratochvil

It's been 2 years now since I started my Sabbath Experiment and yesterday was a sheer delight. It started off with a wonderful adult Sunday School class, followed by an inspiring worship service. Rather than going out to eat after church, we decided to head back to that house and make brunch there. What a wonderfully fun day! Our daughters, Bethany and Jessica, were here with their children, Lincoln and Laura, as was my mother who is visiting from Manheim (Lancaster County, PA). 

There was food and playing and giggling and singing and, oh yeah, the unfortunate knock on the door when someone stopped by to let us know he'd hit my daughter's car as he was backing out of the driveway across the street. Yeah, not so fun. Common sense... look where you're going.

After Bethany and Lincoln  left around 8:00, Bill, my mom and I sat down for a second night of Pinochle. We played until midnight and then I cleaned up the mess in the kitchen from a Sabbath Day full of fun and relaxation. I didn't come into my office and turn on this computer even once on Sunday. It was such a nice reprieve, and until I embraced the luxury, and necessity, of the Sabbath, I never would have done this in the past. I would have excused myself from the festivities downstairs and I would have come up here to make sure there were no urgent emails from clients. Ahh, the wonder of honoring the Sabbath. I sit here at my desk now, feeling revived and ready for the week ahead. 

If you haven't given the Sabbath Experiment a try yet, I encourage you to do so. Go back and read my first post about it. And then read the one when I decided it was no longer a Sabbath experiment, but was a Sabbath experience instead. 

I'm looking forward to this beautiful week ahead. I hope yours holds many, many blessings.


What do your Sabbath days look like?

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