Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Longing for the days after 9/11

Public Domain  Photo: Library of Congress
Public Domain Photo: Library of Congress

Please do not take this the wrong way, but I long for the days following 9/11 when we were under attack by terrorists and not each other! When we were fellow Americans and not identified by race, gender, faith or political affiliation. When prayers were being said and no one was threatening to sue over it. When we acted as if we truly were free. Free to express opinions. Free to share our faith. Free to weep openly. Free to help a stranger. Free to care. That's what defines those days in 2001 for me... caring. We cared more about each other than we did about our own personal ideologies.

This election year is becoming one of the nastiest ones ever. And I, for one, am sick of it. I'm sick of the ugliness. It used to be just the politicians' nastiness that we had to deal with. Now, with social media, it's everywhere. Friend against friend. Brother against sister. Church member against church member. PLEASE make it stop!! At what point did we become so intolerant of each other? And no, I'm not about to go into a rant about tolerance. It's just that those screaming loudest about tolerance are some of the most intolerant people I know. Give me a break!

Here in America, we're a nation of many different beliefs, ideas, dreams, lifestyles, etc. That's what adds color to our country. Yes, there are times when we must take a stand for what we believe in. But do our stands have to be so darned ugly? For me, I know that the moment someone starts yelling or condemning others is the moment I stop listening. Your Facebook posts demeaning others will not change my mind about an issue. However, a reasonable conversation might. If you listen to me, I will listen to you. But if you start out by insinuating that I am an idiot, the possibility for a dialogue is done. It just won't happen.

Like I said, I long for the days following that tragic, tragic time in our history. The days of embraces. Of shared grief. Of camaraderie. I guess I'm just living in a dream world.

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