Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Election year... turning my jeers into cheers

Photo by Peter Griffin

This morning, as I was thinking about the upcoming election and the political ugliness that is all around us, I realized my thought processes were all wrong. Rather than hating this time of year (which I tend to do because of all the political ugliness), I started to be grateful for it. Why? Because I should be. And, if you're living in a free country, so should you. After all, we have the freedom to decide for ourselves which issues mean the most to us, and then, we can vote accordingly. Do you know how incredible that is? Do you realize how many people around the world would kill for that opportunity? And have done so? And have died for it?

Oh wait, we don't have to travel to other countries for that, do we? Here in America, our own fellow countrymen did just that. They died so we could have this freedom. So, who am I to gripe about it?! Please forgive me for my self-centered obsession.

Do I like the political ugliness? Not at all. Do I enjoy the bickering? Absolutely not.

But, I relish the opportunity to pull the levers that best represent my views and my ideals, don't you?

Today, especially, on the 11th anniversary of that hideous day in our history, I am thoughtful of this whole process. The process of deciding what each one of us believes is best. Your opinions might be different than mine, but in the end, we probably agree on one thing -- we're happy to be living in a time and place where we all have the chance to vote. 

God has blessed America. I pray that, in some way, America blesses God. 

Please take the time to watch this brilliant commercial and pause to remember.

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