Monday, September 3, 2012

A reflection about labor (not the birthing kind)

Photo by Jiri Hodan

Today, I am feeling oh so grateful for the men and women who have forged a path for us to be able to work in the fields we choose. Some people choose to stay in jobs they despise, or are forced to do so, yet others are fortunate enough to do work they love. Years ago, after being treated quite badly by a boss, I made the decision that I would never again stay at a job I hated. And I haven't. That means I've quit a couple of jobs along the way, but in the end, I found this wonderful career of mine I wouldn't trade for anything. I am one of the fortunate ones. 

Some of you are stuck in jobs you don't enjoy, and because of the current economic crisis, you'll stay there for now. My hope is that someday you'll find your way to a job that brings you joy.

And, sadly, there are many of you who want to work but simply can't find a job. Today, I am praying for you and for your families. After all, it must be tough to celebrate Labor Day when there is no labor to be found and empty cupboards that epitomize that problem daily. You are in my heart, dear ones.

Whatever your state of employment is, I wish for you a day of peace. Put your worries aside for a day and celebrate the labor you have now, had in the past, or will have in the future. Work is a good thing. And today is a day to recognize that.

Happy Labor Day, my friends,


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