Monday, April 9, 2012

The Sabbath Experience Continues

I can't tell you how happy I am that I started the Sabbath Experiment a year and a half ago. It has changed my life in many ways.

Since we celebrated Easter and Bill's birthday last Sunday, we only had the chance to see the kids and grandkids at church yesterday. Then we all went our separate ways (quite unusual for a Sunday). They had in-laws to see, so we headed home to start cooking for evening guests. Yes, I did do a bit more work than usual for a Sabbath, but I find cooking to be a relaxing task and I truly enjoy entertaining.

Our friends, Carisa and Ralph, joined us for dinner and a night of playing Pinochle. We had a lovely time. 

The highlight of my day, however, was the surprise solo my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter sang at church. While she was acting a bit shy when it was time to practice before the service, she got over that when it was time to actually bless the congregation with her gift. With non-precocious confidence, she walked up to the platform, where I lifted her up onto a stool and handed her the microphone. Standing behind her with my arms securely around her so she wouldn't fall, I whispered, "Don't forget to smile." Based on the laughter coming from the congregation, I suspect she flashed them one of her brilliantly adorable smiles before starting her song. What a champ! She sang clearly, sweetly and loudly enough for everyone to hear her, especially after the sound folks hiked up the volume on her mic! She didn't even trip over the key change. 

I was one proud grandma! 

She is just one of the many reasons I love Sundays. And I don't take for granted the blessing of having my daughters, Bethany and Jessica, and their families worshiping with us each week. As we fill in the pew, I thank God weekly that they are there with us. Bethany and her husband make the 76-mile round trip each week, and that makes it even more special to me. 

I am blessed. I am beyond blessed. Sundays are about worship for me. Sundays are about family. Sundays are about rest ... except for days like yesterday and last week, when they were mostly about love and good friends. I am blessed indeed.

Sharing my Sabbath experience with you,




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