Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Who wants 15 more entries?

Photo by Vera Kratochvil

Do you ever have a day that, even with the best intentions, slips by too quicky? That's the kind of day I'm having. Too many things on my plate right now, including clients that need for me to fulfill my obligations to them.

Therefore, today's blog post is going to be quite simple.

This is the last day to enter to win the amazing prize package I'm offering, thanks to the generous contributions from
I can't tell you how grateful I am for all the awesome people who decided to sponsor this anniversary giveaway.

So, with only a handful of hours left to enter the contest, here's one more chance to win:
Share the contest on your FB page or on Twitter, and then post a comment letting me know you did. With less than 12 hours left, anyone who does this before 8 p.m. EST gets 15 extra entries into the giveaway! Go!


  1. Since I had *just* posted it again on FB before you posted this, I also shared it on twitter... so if anyone say "artjewl" sent them, that's ME! :)

  2. Shared on Facebook! Great contest! Try to keep your head above water. :)

  3. I shared it on facebook! Even though I hope I win :-)

  4. I shared this on my facebook page!


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