Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 3 -- and 3 more awesome prizes!

I have to start out today's blog post by wishing my adorable little grandson, Lincoln, a very happy first birthday!! The year flew by, as years tend to do, and I can't believe he's one-year-old already! Happy birthday little Lord Lincoln! Grandma loves you!!

If you've never tried any products from Earth Mama Angel Baby, you don't know what you're missing! From pregnancy to infant care to plain ol' mama (and papa) care, the zero toxins promise is something you can count on! And the mamas who run this company are simply phenomenal! What a lovely group of caring ladies.

Back in March, when I was suffering through a case of the mumps, these lovely ladies sent me two boxes of EMAB teas to help me feel better. Just because. How sweet was that?!

When I emailed Mama Melinda and asked her if they'd like to participate in the anniversary giveaway, her response was not only an enthusiastic "yes," but it was also an offering of a generous prize!

The Baby Essentials Bundle includes:
"All bundled up in Earth Mama’s reusable, 100% Certified Organic cotton Mini Logo Tote, Mama’s Essentials Baby Bundle is a sweet and effective gift for a sweet little baby!"  Retail value -- $60.75!!

I simply love this prize. And I love EMAB for adding it to the prize package!! Want 5 extra entries into the giveaway drawing? Sign up for Mama's You Herb it Here Newsletter and post a comment here or on FB and let me know you did.

If you haven't read Monday's post yet, you'll need to do so to find out how to enter the contest and see what other great prizes are part of the package!


Many of you will recall my review of the fabulous fruit and vegetable cleaner by Eat Cleaner. What I love about Eat Cleaner is that their products help put your mind at ease when you're feeding your family fresh foods.

Another part of the prize package is a 40 count cannister of Eat Cleaner Biodegradable Wipes. These wipes are perfect for cleaning the surface of fresh fruit and veggies, as well as utensils, cutting boards, countertops ... even that pesky, always-on-the-floor pacifier -- just wipe it off and pop it back in your baby's mouth! And don't worry about your little one spitting it back out because it tastes bad, because Eat Cleaner is tasteless and odorless ... not to mention all-natural and lab-tested. And with the biodegradable wipes, there is no rinsing needed ... perfectly suited for a morning at the farmer's market when you simply can't wait to take a bit out of that apple or strawberry! Like I said ... convenient.

I know you want 5 more entries! Simply 'like' Eat Cleaner on Facebook. Let them know GG sent you and then let me know you 'liked' them. Fair enough?


And, finally, I want to tell you about another awesome product that is part of the giveaway. Liquid laundry detergent from Eco Nuts. I already let you know how much I love my soap nuts when I posted a review back in March. Soap nuts are literally the greenest laundry detergent on earth, as is stated on the Eco Nuts website. They are:

  • Biodegradable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Perfect for Sensitive Skin, Allergies, Eczema, Psoriasis
  • Nut Allergy Safe!
  • 100% Natural and Free From Manmade Chemicals
  • Beneficial For Septic and Gray Water Systems
  • Sustainable
  • Fragrance Free
  • Reusable
  • Vegan Friendly, Vegan Approved
  • Certified Organic By EcoCert and USDA at the Source
Pretty awesome stuff. So awesome, in fact, that I no longer use laundry detergent of any kind. All I use are Eco Nuts. I toss a small bag of soap nuts in the wash and let them do their magic ... naturally.

So, I've tried, and stuck with, the nuts. Now, the company has a liquid version (same soap nuts, just more "detergent-like" for those of you who are hesitant to trust a bunch of nuts to clean their clothes or cloth diapers). And that's what you can win! I love the fact that this is a "plastic-free" company, too. That means the 4 oz. bottle of Eco Nuts will not be in your standard laundry detergent plastic bottle. How cool is that?!

How about 5 additional entries? Okay. Just 'like' Eco Nuts on Facebook, tell them I sent you and let me know you did. Or, here's a twist, 'follow' them on Twitter and do the same. Tell them @TheGreenGrandma sent you and then let me know you did.

And, just 'cause I'm happy about what today is -- get yourself 2 more entries by wishing my grandbaby, little Lord Lincoln, a Happy Birthday on the GG Facebook page. How much fun is that?!

Missed the list of prizes and rules for the giveaway? Just check out Monday's post.

Giving you more ways to win,




  1. I signed up for the newsletter from EMAB!

  2. I liked Eat Cleaner AND Eco Nuts and told them both you sent me!

  3. I subscribe to EMAB "You Herb It Here!" Newsletter! The EMAB prize is my absolute favorite. I LOVE all things EMAB!

  4. I LIKED Eat Cleaner on Facebook and told them you sent me!

  5. I LIKE Eco Nuts on Facebook and told them you sent me!

  6. I'm following Eco Nuts on Twitter via @chicmommatoni and mentioned you sent me!!/ChicMommaToni/status/106454283871985664

  7. I wished Lincoln A Happy Birthday on the Green Grandma Facebook page!!/GreenGrandma/posts/10150371779216241

  8. I already like EcoNuts on Facebook and I liked Eat Cleaner!

  9. I liked Eat Cleaner on Facebook, and told them you sent me.

  10. I liked Eco Nuts on FB and let them know you sent me. :)


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