Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Today's challenge

This is why

As I stood in the basement folding a seemingly endless pile of freshly laundered cloth napkins, I thought, If you'd just stop being so darned green, you would've used paper napkins and thrown them away and you wouldn't have to be spending your valuable time doing this. I was having a little green pity party. After all, company was coming in a few hours and I had a long list of tasks to accomplish. Folding napkins was simply holding me up.

But then another thought entered my mind. You're doing this for Lincoln. You're doing this for Laura. Suddenly, I found myself folding with a renewed passion as a I chanted my new mantra: You're doing this for Lincoln. You're doing this for Laura.

So that's today's challenge for you. When tempted to opt for less green ways, chant the mantra, inserting the names of the children you love and renew your commitment to leave behind a better earth for the next generations. Whether it's switching to cloth napkins, rags, sanitary products, or diapers, or turning off lights, televisions, or electronics when not in use, conscientiously decide to live a more earth-friendly, therefore child-friendly life.

It's up to you. It's up to me. Small drops in the bucket really do add up. Are you filling yours, or draining it dry?

Keeping it green,



  1. I had those same feelings on Sunday..we were at a picnic area and we took our new handy dandy picnic set. It includes the plates, bowls, cups, silverwear etc..and the cloth napkins!
    As I was washing them up when we came home, I thought what in the world did I buy this for? Then my grandaughter came and asked if she could help me wash and dry and repack our picnic stuff..i got that smile and realized Yes this was for my grandchildren! This morning she saw the pack sitting on the chair and asked when we can go again, cause she wants to use her special plate and cup when we eat outside.

  2. It's all for them, isn't it, Linda? Because we love them more than life itself ... and surely more than doing things out of convenience.


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