Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Review It Wednesday -- Messin' with Minerals

Well, I am happy to report that after posting my blog yesterday, I actually started feeling better. As a matter of fact, I felt well enough to run a few errands. Of course, before going out to face the world again, I had to fix myself up a bit. Having long, layered hair is perfect for hiding swollen cheeks. I just curled it toward my face and voila, I was a nicely disguished chipmunk!

After the hair was done, it was time to apply some much needed makeup. So I pulled out my makeup brushes and some little 2x2 zip-type baggies and went to work. I sorted through the sampling of bags until I found my Van Gogh Concealer. It worked pretty well at hiding the dark circles under my eyes. Unfortunately, I wasn't as successful at covering the telltale age spots that grace my aging countenance.

Next came the Avery Mineral Foundation. At first it appeared a bit too yellow as I brushed it on, but it blended nicely and I liked the final result (except for the blasted age spots, which still weren't perfectly disguised).

More steps followed, and, with the exception of eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss, all the products I applied to my face were samples from mae minerals™, graciously sent to me by Nancy Bowles McConnell.

After days of being sick, I played with the makeup more than I usually would. I added some Bronzed Kiss Bronzer, followed by some Glow Luminizer. According to the website, the luminizer helps to diminish dark areas and brighten the face after the foundation has been applied. Once again, no luck with those age spots. However, I must admit, I didn't look sick at all! My face glowed. Now you would think that after all those layers, my face would have had a heavily made up appearance. But the opposite is actually true. The mineral makeup is so light, it really does give your skin a radiant glow.

Of the samples Nancy sent to me, there were some I simply would not use. For instance, she sent me five bags of the MVP line (Mae Versatile Powder), in some rather bold colors. Peace MVP is a peacock blue that looks lovely on a peacock, or perhaps on a scarf tossed casually across the shoulder. But on an almost 54-year-old woman's eyes...I don't think so. Same goes for the Almost Peridot MVP. It's just not me. However, I did wear the Luck MVP before I got sick. It's a shiny army green and it is the month of St. Patrick's Day after know, the luck o' the Irish and all.

In my package of samples was also a Fuzzy Navel MVP, which worked nicely as a peach blush, and a Satin Plum MVP, more suited for an evening out than a day of errands. Here's the thing about the MVPs -- they are so versatile, they can be used for practically anything. Eyes, cheeks, lips and nails! I actually had to ask Nancy about the last bit. She told me you just have to put some clear nail polish in a small dish or container and mix in some of the Mae Versatile Powder. Wow. That's different.

After hearing about this, I decided to give it a try. I grabbed some clear polish and poured a little bit onto a small plastic bag. Then I added some of the Satin Plum MVP and mixed it around with the nail polish brush. It mixed nicely and applied evenly and neatly. One coat was all I needed and it dried super fast! It's quite pretty, actually. I love the versatility of this product! To be able to create whatever color nail polish you want by simply mixing in a little bit of powder is ingenius! I can't believe I never heard of this before.

While I was fooling around with the nail polish, I decided to try it on my lips. I brushed clear gloss on and then added some of the Satin Plum MPV directly onto my lips. Nice. Smooth. Soft. Even. Love this. It reminds me of my childhood days when my cousin, Kelly, and I would mix makeups and perfumes and go door to door trying to sell our creations! Fun stuff.

Okay, back to earlier in the day when I was preparing to head out on some errands. My face was nicely made up, with the exception of my eyes. That's where the Espresso Eye Shadow comes in.  I really like eye shadow. It goes on smoothly and lasts throughout the day.

Yesterday wasn't the first time I had used the makeups. I received them in the mail five or six weeks ago. When I first started using them, I experienced a bit of itching a couple minutes after I applied the foundation. This happened for the first several days. I didn't think much about it, though, because the same thing happens when I started using Bare Minerals makeup a few years ago. The itching was mildly bothersome and stopped within thirty minutes or so.

The only thing really negative I have to say about this line of makeup has to do with the sampling kit I received. First of all, I don't like having makeup in little bags. I had to find lids to pour the foundation into in order to swirl the makeup brush in it. That was inconvenient. The concealer bag split down the side as I was putting the concealer brush in one day. I don't know what the alternative is. I just know that I don't like the bags.

The second thing I didn't like about the kit was that there were no instructions or explanation about what was what. I didn't know what a versatile powder or a luminizer was. What was I supposed to do with them? An info sheet would have made this a better experience.

But as for the makeup itself, I love it. And you don't have to deal with little bags unless you want samples. You can buy full size containers.

Unsure of which shades to buy? Nancy has a handy guide on the website. And if you are new to mineral powdered makeups, she provides a step-by-step application guide on her Facebook page.

You really need to visit the mae minerals™ website and check out the wide range of products available. I was stunned to see such a huge selection of hues in the MVP line.

The best part about this line of makeup is that it is 100% natural. There are no fillers and absolutely no Bismuth Oxychloride or carmine (crushed beetles). Interestingly enough, its the Bismuth Oxychloride in many of the other mineral makeups that is usually attributed to the itching. But neither mae minerals™, or Bare Minerals has it in their foundations. mae minerals™  makeup is safe and it will make you feel a green kind of way!

Now here's the fun part! Nancy has agreed to provide one lucky reader a 3-month supply of makeup! For this giveaway, you need to do three simple things.
  1. Like the mae minerals Facebook page
  2. Head over to Nancy's blog and become a follower
  3. Post a comment on the Green Grandma Facebook page, letting me know you've completed #1 and #2 (you must "like" GG as well)
Deadline 3/21 Midnight EST

Fair enough? I'll draw a winner via on Tuesday, March 22nd.

Good luck!


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