Thursday, March 10, 2011

A good month to be green

With St. Patrick's Day just a week away, it seemed like a good time to toss about the word GREEN. Even though he's not Irish, my husband loves St. Patrick's Day. And no one can do tacky better than him on March 17th! Me? Not so much. I never understood how a day set aside to honor a saint could have been denegrated into what it is now known for -- green beer...and lots of it! It is just one more excuse, it seems, for people to get rip-roaring drunk. What a shame. It is supposed to be a day of spiritual renewal and a day set aside to pray for missionaries. Instead, it seems to simply be a precursor of a massive hangover.

My negativity over the holiday will not deter my husband, however. He will go to work donned in green -- hat, tie, "Kiss me, I'm Irish" buttons, flashing shamrocks, etc. I just shake my head in wonder. On no other day does his inner child come out to play more evidently than on the 17th of March. On St. Patrick's Day, he can truly be called Green Grandpa!

Now don't get me wrong -- I actually enjoy some things about St. Patrick's Day. Like the food. Guinness beef stew is amazing. And I'm a huge fan of Irish stew. I love Irish music and have friends in a couple of different Celtic bands. I even took step dancing lessons about a decade ago.

But, of course, my favorite part is the color green. As the Emerald Isle, parts of Ireland are simply breathtaking. My youngest daughter spent her 16th birthday in Ireland (a dream come true for her). She shares her dad's love of all things Irish...well, most.

This past weekend, I did the decor transformation in the house from Valentine's red and white to St. Patrick's green and white. It looks quite lovely, actually. As we get closer to the day, I'll bite my tongue as more and more green items appear throughout the house. A shamrock-covered bear here. A leprechaun figurine there. Slowly, but surely, these trinkets will start to emerge from my husband's room in the basement for temporary residence amidst the more 'dignified' decor pieces. It makes him happy. Why? I have no idea. Like I said, it has something to do with his inner-wannabe-Irish child.

From the shiny shamrock confetti sprinkled across the dining room table to the collection of TY Beanie Babies donned in green, our home will have an emerald glow about it. The home of Green Grandma and Green Grandpa.

What about you? What are your St. Patty's Day traditions? Will you add green food coloring to your foods and beverages? Do you go out to a public celebration? Perhaps somewhere where you can show off your own step dancing skills?

I'm looking for ideas to help make my husband's St. Patrick's Day celebration even better. Do you have any Irish green tips to share? If so, either post a comment here or on Facebook, or email me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Keeping it green, as in the color,


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  1. I find it interesting that St Patrick's day is one of the few holy days that really isn't celebrated by churches. I guess it's because it celebrates a saint and not God, even though that saint is directly responsible for bring the gospel to the country of Ireland... But now that I know what St Patrick's Day is really about, I like it a lot more. I love celebrating that more people heard about Jesus!


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