Thursday, November 18, 2010

While I am on a roll...

...why not post another review? And another giveaway!!

Awhile ago, Lindsay Packard of Crimson & Clean Soap sent me a new product to test. Since it was a lotion bar to soften skin, I wanted to give it plenty of time before writing anything about it. After all, dry skin doesn't go away overnight.

The mom of two, Lindsay manages her farm of chickens and goats. Many of the products she sells are made using goat's milk from her own herd. Since they use holistic health care, there's no danger of any trace chemicals in the products. One thing that really impresses me about the company's products is their price. Whereas so many of the natural and organic products out there are too costly for many of us, that is not the case at Crimson & Clean Soap. Their gift baskets sell for as low as $20!

All-Natural Lotion Bar
But let me get back to the product review.

So, after some time, what is my opinion of the Crimson & Clean Soap's All-Natural Lotion Bar? Let me give you the pros, cons and a surprise.


This lotion bar is non-greasy. You know how sometimes you put lotion on and you actually have to grab a towel to wipe some of it off? Not with this one. And it works nicely to soften hands.

I tried it on my heels and elbows and it worked somewhat. But then again, my standards are high here, ever since I discovered the miracle softening properties of apple cider vinegar. A five-minute soak in ACV and warm water makes my heels feel as soft as my grandbaby's bottom. Really.

One of the best things about the lotion bar is that it is made from all natural ingredients: olive oil, shea butter and beeswax. And there is no water or alcohol to dry your skin. This bar is even safe enough to use on your lips. You can see an entire list of the ingredients they use in all of their products on their website.

I think that if I faithfully applied the Crimson & Clean Soap's All-Natural Lotion Bar, I would have had more success with softening my elbows...but that leads us to the...


Or should I say con singular? There was only one thing I did not particularly like about the lotion bar, and that was the shape. I found it a bit awkward to apply to my elbows. It just didn't slide over that boney surface all that easily. I had to rub a lot on my hands and then apply it to the elbows. That's just a minor little thing, though.

And this can be a pro or con -- if you are a fan of fragrance, you won't find much here. It has a slight scent of honey, but it is certainly nothing overwhelming. As a matter of fact, it is barely noticeable.


Back in August, I foolishly tried running across a grassy hill in high heel sandals. Go ahead -- ask me how that worked for me. The answer is obvious. Not so well. I went down, hard. Oh, and did I mention I was in shorts? Not a pretty picture. Eventually, the scabs fell off my knees and I stopped looking like a kid who had fallen off her bike. But the dark red marks remained. Telltale signs of my own klutziness. However, one night after my bath, I decided to try the lotion bar on my knees. I was aiming for softness, but what I discovered was a fading of the discolored skin...a serious lightening! The more I rubbed, the lighter it got. Well, within reason of course. Since then, I have been using the lotion bar on my knees and the spots are shrinking and fading. I'm sold!

So, look at that. Twice this week I have posted reviews of products that had unexpected benefits. What fun!

Now, my stretch marks have found a permanent place on this body of mine after 30 years or so, but I would venture to guess that this little lotion bar just might do a number on newer stretch marks on some of you young moms out there. Just a thought.

At the incredibly reasonable price of just $5, the Crimson & Clean Soap's All-Natural Lotion Bar is well worth the purchase. The convenient push up tube with a screw-on lid makes it ultra convenient to tote with you in your purse to soften your hands (and/or lips) throughout the day.

Lindsay is generously providing a 15% off discount to the Green Grandma community! When ordering, just type in the code GREENgrandma to receive your discount.

And, to sweeten the pot, she has also thrown in a free All-Natural Lotion Bar to one lucky winner.

The drawing for this one will be at 8:00 Thanksgiving eve and all you have to do to enter is:
  • Be a follower of the blog, of course
  • Visit Crimson & Clean Soaps website
  • Post a comment here on the blog or on the GG Facebook page and tell me which gift basket you like best
Feel free to share the links and tweet about all the giveaways. It won't earn you any extra points, but you might earn some Brownie points with a friend or two if they win!

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  1. I follow your blog!

    I would love to try the holiday basket. I imagine "Visions of Cranberry" would smell wonderful!

    rmwandmaw AT gmail DOT com

  2. I like the Holiday Gift Basket. Cranberry is such a great scent!!

  3. I follow your blog! I'd like to try the baby basket because I have a topn of baby showers to go to in the next 6 months. :)

  4. Anything that helps with discolored skin is a plus in my book!


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