Monday, June 28, 2010

Let's bring back the horse and buggy!

It's that time of year for me -- my annual car inspection is due. I hate, hate, hate when this date rolls around, as I feel completely vulnerable to potentially crooked car mechanics. I know there are a lot of honest ones out there, but I rarely seem to find them.

The problem with car inspections (mandatory in Pennsylvania) is you never know how much it's going to cost you to be able to legally put your car back on the road. At this point, I know I need a new exhaust system. Ouch. I know I don't need tires, but I'm just not sure about the brakes.

Since I'm already thinking about cars, I thought I'd share some green car tips with you. Did you know that if you simply slow down you can save money? Motoring it 10 mph above 60 costs you about 50 cents more per gallon. So rather than griping about the rising gas prices (which are worth griping about, in my opinion) just ease your foot off the gas petal when you're on the highway.

But what about when you're just scooting about town? Fast starts and gunning your engine can eat up your gas rather quickly. While we're all about saving ourselves money, think about saving someone else some money (and gas) by letting your left-turning fellow drivers go in front of you at a light. That way they don't have to gun their engines in order to escape being hit by oncoming traffic. I never thought about this one before, so thanks to Verdure Magazine, Pittsburgh's green publication, for the tip.

Another way to reduce your gasoline consumption is by keeping your tires pumped up -- improper inflation ultimately costs you at the gas pump.

Finally, my last tip for today involves your car's air filter. A clean one helps your car run more efficiently....which reminds me to remind my hubby to check it for me when he gets home from work.

Have an awesome week, my friends.

Keeping it green,


Photo courtesy of Peter Griffin

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