Thursday, June 10, 2010

Children's sunscreens -- which ones are safe?

After the rainout we had in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, it's hard to think about the need for sunscreen. But before you take your children outside on a sunny day, you really ought to read this blog post.

According to, there are some sunscreens you need to keep away from your little ones. From claims of staying power that give false security to potential hormone disruptors to poisoning dangers, the following sunscreens should be avoided:
  • Banana Boat Baby 100 SPF
  • Panama Jack Baby Sunblock
  • Aveeno Baby
  • Hawaiian Tropic Baby Cream Lotion
So which ones are considered safe? Again, according to, you want to look for sunscreens containing zinc or titanium. This will give you, and your kids, the best UVA protection while eliminating the chemicals that are linked to hormone disruption.

The Environmental Working Group named these sunscreens among the best:
The above links take you directly to the products' websites, but you can find good deals on them on and sites like Some stores, such as Whole Foods carry some of these lines as well.

While it's essential you keep your children safe from too much sun exposure, it's also important to protect them from harmful chemicals. It all goes with this parenting package you accepted the day they were born.

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