Thursday, January 7, 2010

Green product of the week

Small Steps™ paper towels by Marcal®. I'm a fan!

I admit it, there are times I still tear a paper towel from the holder and use it. Times when, perhaps, my cat throws up on the kitchen floor. That actually happens more times than I'd like to admit. But when it does, I no longer feel guilty grabbing a paper towel and cleaning up the mess with it because I only buy  Small Steps™ paper towels.

Made of 100% recycled paper, the towels are manufactured without chlorine bleaching, added dyes or fragrances. They are hypoallergenic and virtually lint-free. And, according to their website (, by buying their products we can help save one million trees!

It's not just about the paper towels, either, although they are my personal favorite. Small Steps™ also has facial tissue, bath tissue and napkins that are all made of 100% recycled paper. And I love their tagline -- "...because trees have a bigger job to do."

If your local retailer doesn't carry Marcal products, put in a request for them to do so. Remember, every little thing we can do helps make this world a bit better for our children and grandchildren.

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